Kate Middleton wears a tiara: Moms wear less glamourous head wear

For the second time in her royal life, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a tiara. On December 4, Kate attended the Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace with Prince William, which was a white-tie ball. This meant Kate had to wear a tiara, marking the first time she has worn a glittering headpiece since her wedding.

At her wedding, she donned the Cartier Scroll tiara, but this time she wore the Papyrus tiara, which was lent to her by the Queen. The headpiece has a romantic history because it was made from diamonds and pearls given to Queen Elizabeth’s mother by her father on their wedding day.

Kate, of course, looked beautiful in her tiara and pale blue Alexander McQueen gown. But we here at Canadian Living Moms can’t help but think that tiaras aren’t typical head wear for normal moms—unless it’s of the dress-up variety. Instead these five headpieces are usually what you find moms wearing.

1. Hats
We know Kate loves a hatinator and we do love wearing a glamourous hat for special occassions. But on most days, us moms wear a baseball hat. It’s the perfect way to cover unwashed hair and those pesky greys.

2. Bodily fluid
Let’s be real, your kid’s snot, spit and vomit all end up in your hair. Kids just seem to think your hair is the best trash can around. Maybe Kate can help make baby spit-up the must-have hair ornament for 2014?

3. Headbands
When I say headbands, I don’t mean the pretty kind with rhinestones and bows. I mean the kind that are made for the sole purpose of keeping your hair out of your face. Practicality over fashion is key for a busy mom.

4.  Your purse
This is a typical scenario for a mom. You’re out with your child and it starts raining. And of course you only have one umbrella and your child is going through an independent stage, insisting they carry the umbrella on their own. This leaves you without any coverage from the rain, so you attempt to cover your head with your purse. A newspaper or paper bag also works for these rainy situations.

5. Stickers
Kids love to “share” their stickers with mommy. And like a good parent, you put the sticker on your shirt and then promptly forget it’s there. Inevitably you find that sticker stuck in your hair. I like to tell people I’m wearing “Designs by Disney” when someone points out the sticker lost in my hair.

What “headpieces” have you worn as a mom? 

Photo courtesy of ASHISH1987 from Flickr Creative Commons

  • http://www.canadianliving.com/ Jennifer Gruden

    And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter, especially this time of year.