We’re getting another mom blogger over here!

How sweet are the Canadian Living Moms pencil crayons? Good bribes, right?

Moms. Friends. Countrywomen. I’m really excited to share this news: Teresa Sousa will be blogging here on Canadian Living Moms! We bribed her here with pencil crayons and candy. Ok, just kidding, we didn’t need to bribe her…but we are thrilled to have her on board.

Here’s an archive of the fabulous, inspiring, touching blogs she has been writing in the Life blogs.

A warm welcome to Teresa! She’ll be posting soon. Stay tuned!



  • Teresa Sousa

    Thank you for the warm welcome Helen. Looking forward to joining you and all the mom bloggers on CL moms.

  • http://www.canadianliving.com/blogs/life/author/jenmelo/ Jen Melo

    Looking forward to reading your posts here, Teresa. But I’m miss you in The Life Blog.