Easy and Inexpensive Teacher Appreciation Gift

As the school year is winding down, I have been thinking about how important teachers are.  I have been blessed with great teachers for my two oldest boys (so far), and I hope they know how much I appreciate all that they do.

Recently, my son’s Grade Primary teacher hosted a “Meet the Authors” party in her classroom.  All the little 5 and 6 year olds wrote stories, and the parents and siblings were invited to come to the classroom and hear the stories read out loud.  My 5 year old could not have been more proud… and I felt the same.

So… this afternoon, my son and I made a special gift for his teacher.  We baked cookies together, and I packaged them up for him to take to school.

It is a simple gift, but I think the teacher will appreciate the gesture, and my 5 year old is so excited to deliver the goodies to his teacher.  Here is how easy it is to show your favorite teacher how great you think he/she is:

1)  Bake some delicious cookies.  (Canadian Living has some great nut free recipes that are perfect to send to school.  You can find them here.)

2)  Buy a cute (and cheap) jar at the dollar store.

3)  Fill the jar with cookies.

4)  Attach a note that says, “Thanks for making me a SMART COOKIE“.  (I used www.picmonkey.com to add the words to a picture of my son.  I think it adds a nice, personal touch.)

What is your favorite teacher appreciation gift to give?

Gina (aka East Coast Mommy)

  • tsousa

    Love this idea. I may just have to steal it.

    • East Coast Mommy

      Steal away! :-)