Running out of lunch ideas…already?

It’s the second month of the school year…and you’re already stumped for tasty new packed-lunch ideas? I keep hearing this refrain from my friends on Facebook. (I don’t pack a lunch yet for my little one, he’s in half-day Kindergarten, but I pack my own lunch so I know the brown-bag boredom whereof my pals speak.)

What do you typically take for lunch with you? Today I’m having a leftover hamburger, which beats going to the food court near my office.

Speaking of takeout lunches, I discovered this article: 5 cost-saving lunches with some food court alternatives that I think you and the kids will like. Let me know what you think!


  • Jen Melo

    My favourite lunch lately is a small bowl of chili, a toasted, whole-wheat bagel with butter and a coffee. Fall’s in the air and I’m craving comfort food.