This Christmas Special Irks Me…

I’m up to my neck trying to  finish a portrait job, bake the Tourtiere and chill the pumpkin pies, but something’s really been bugging me.


Yes, the red-nosed reindeer.

Not the song, which we all know was originally written as an advert for an American department store, and which is a beloved kid’s classic, but the Rankin Bass animated feature.

Why would a tv special be bugging me?

Think about it: his dad’s embarrassed, Santa’s horrified, no one will play with him -he’s bullied in every direction with no intervention.  I mean, where is his mother?  Ultimately he runs away, which we all know in real life never solves anything, but in his case leads him on a great adventure where he meets lifelong friends.

And don’t forget the kick-ass musical numbers.

It’s kind of a terrible message, even if he does save the day and also Christmas.

What’s really been tugging at me is the notion that if  it were written today, instead of Donner being embarrassed by his crimson schnozzed offspring, he would have launched a social media campaign to raise awareness, done the morning TV circuit including hugging Beverly Thomson, crying with Marilyn Dennis and likely groping Tracy Moore.  It then would have cumulated with an annual fundraiser to assist any others who might similarly be afflicted.

Then we’d all cry, and no one would save Christmas.

Because Christmas is Christ, Christ is God, and unless it’s related to retail, in this politically correct climate we’re not allowed to mention it.

But I digress…

Besides, Santa Claus is Coming to Town is on in 5 minutes and I’ve got some fudge to stir.



  • Helen Racanelli

    Was it just me or did this play nonstop over the Christmas holidays? ;)