No more sexy breastfeeding photos, please


Today model Natalia Vodianova posted a photo to her Instagram account of her posing completely naked while nursing her one-month old son, Maxim. Frankly, I’m appalled by this image. Not because I’m anti-breastfeeding. But because I’m against sexualizing breastfeeding, which is exactly what this photo does.

No mom looks like this when she breastfeeds. Her hair and make-up isn’t usually done. She isn’t posing seductively. And she certainly isn’t breastfeeding in the nude.

I hate this image because it presents breastfeeding in an inaccurate fashion. I think this photo is much like the controversial TIME magazine cover which featured a mom breast-feeding her three-year-old son. No mom breastfeeds her child standing up. That photo was meant to be controversial instead of informative.

Publicizing such inaccurate portraits of breastfeeding is why breastfeeding in public is such a controversial issue. Photos like these make breastfeeding seem sexual. Which it isn’t! But when the only images you see of breastfeeding moms are when they look sexy and seductive, then of course people are going to be critical of mom’s nursing in public.

What we need more of in the world is accurate portrayals of moms breastfeeding. Recently, the Social host, Cynthia Loyst posted an Instagram photo of her nursing her son. She is sitting on the couch cradling her baby lovingly. That’s what breastfeeding is. It’s a moment of bonding between mother and child. It’s a mom providing her baby with sustenance. There’s nothing sexual about it. I find this photo to be informative of what breastfeeding is truly about!

Breastfeeding isn’t about nudity or being sexy. I think it’s high time all women, especially celebrities, do their part to change the narrative around breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is beautiful, not because it’s sexual, but because it’s about love.

Do you think Natalia’s photo sexualizes breastfeeding? 

Photo courtesy of Georges Seguin/Wikimedia Commons 




  • Delilah

    So… think, attractive people shoudnt breastfeed? Gotcha.

  • Disgusted Sarah

    Why can’t you just piss off and leave her alone? Honestly, you socialist Canucks have nothing better to do than to whinge and moan and complain. Eff off and mind your own business, you jealous woman. I’ve never seen a more naked display of sheer jealousy than the article above – horrid, anti-woman nonsense from another woman! SHAME ON YOU, Alyssa. Your anti-woman stance is PATHETIC. Please GO AWAY.

  • voice of reason

    Feminism won the right for women to be free to do with their bodies what they wish and without fear of judgment from both misogynistic men and jealous women. We have enough pig headed men trying to claim how a woman should act with her body and her sexuality, don’t add another woman to that list with horrendous self-projecting prejudiced articles like this. Let her do her thing like she let’s you do yours without hassling you because you want to do it differently than her.

  • Lila Wolff

    First – You don’t lift yourself up by tearing others down.
    Secondly – I’ve breastfed nude and I’ve sure as sh*t breastfed standing up. Did I look as attractive as the women you are citing, I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
    Thirdly – equating nudity and attractiveness with sexualisation is just immature.

  • Claire Hambling

    Agree, leave her alone. Who are you to comment on another woman’s body and how she raises her child? If women want the respect of men to do as they please with their bodies, they first need the respect of their sisters. Love other women don’t hate them.

  • Anatstacia

    This is an opinion, and should be respected for what it is. I don’t agree with it, but I respect the author’s right to air her views. It doesn’t make her right. It makes her entitled to her opinion. I’m more offended by the other women telling her to shut up and go away because she isn’t defending their position. Can’t anyone have an opinion on anything any more without being vilified because it’s different?

  • Sunshine

    I’ve breastfed naked plenty of times!!! The skin on skin is exceptionally good for bonding and milk supply. In fact one of the first things our learned lactation consultants here in Australia will recommend to boost supply, or encourage a baby to feed well is, wait for it, retiring to bed naked with naked baby for lots of uninterrupted skin on skin time feeding. Nature knows best, not bloggers.

    Furthermore, attractive women do breastfeed, and sometimes they look VERY attractive while breastfeeding! Should the more genetically blessed among us wear a paper bag over our heads while they feed their babies?

    The supermodels who have recently shared stories or images of breastfeeding have done MUCH to increase awareness, and to raise the profile of breastfeeding among young women who ignorantly fear “having their boobs wrecked” by breastfeeding, and who often associate breasts purely with aesthetic and sexual purposes.

    Breasts certainly are both those things, but HURRAH for women who are willing to show they can be and are intended to be all three things at once!

  • Just Ice

    Jealousy is definitely a curse and just because you are overweight and ugly doesn’t mean you have the right to troll a beautiful woman who has beauty and courage. These photo’s are not sexual, and my wife looked beautiful and she also usually had her hair done when she breastfed – are you so lazy (probably due to your size) that you cannot even groom yourself?

  • Steve Carman

    lol sounds like author is a fat jealous bitch! maybe if you run abit more and leave the cake alone you too could look this beautiful Alyssa

  • Jennifer Gruden

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  • Danielle Heckert Popik

    Way to stereotype. I am fortunate enough to bring my guy in with me to my high-end fashion job; where I am always made up and breastfeed him. Honestly, seeing someone that is in the lime light breastfeeding should be pretty inspiring to those who might be more apt to cover-up. Who cares how she’s doing it; at least she is doing it, and feels comfortable enough to show that.

  • Abraham Holguin

    get off yourself go cry about something that is actually important. you should be praising this woman because SHE IS ACTUALLY BREASTFEEDING. Not try and tear her down because of the way she does it or because she is posting an image to show the world that it is not a disgusting things to breastfeed, like most young woman today do. I actually find the author to be appalling not the model feeding her child.

  • Heidi D

    I breast fed naked all the time my baby was born in the summer. How does being naked, which promotes skin to skin contact, equate being sexual? I wish I had a good career like the model to have someone do my hair and make up when I had a newborn lol