Remembering Mr. Dressup

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Getting online today to see if there were any Cyber Monday deals worth taking advantage of, I was surprised with something that made me much happier than a new gadget at half price. Google Canada’s doodle of the day is none other than Mr. Dressup!

Ernie Coombs, better known as Mr. Dressup, would have turned 85 today were he still alive. Coombs passed away in 2001 after suffering  a stroke.

He played the beloved CBC character for almost 30 years along with pals Casey and Finnegan, who are also featured in the doodle. I loved watching Mr. Dressup as a kid. My favourite parts of the show were when he would dress up with costumes from the Tickle Trunk, and when he would draw pictures. I loved how a blank sheet of paper suddenly came alive with his wonderful drawings. It’s fitting then that he should be honoured with a doodle.

It’s nice to see Google recognize Mr. Dressup with a doodle, and a lovely one at that. (I gotta say, I enjoy Google doodles.)

So did you watch Mr. Dressup? What did you love most?


  • Helen Racanelli

    Casey and Finnegan were my favourites! What a nice trip down memory lane. Loved Mr. Dressup.