What’s Your Excuse Mom aka Maria Kang is banned from Facebook

Remember Maria Kang, the “What’s Your Excuse?” mom we posted about in October? She’s been banned from Facebook. You can read her version of the posts and events that led to her getting banned here in this post “I am banned from Facebook”.

After reading Kang’s version of events, and Jezebel’s take on it here, a few things are uncertain to me:

1. Why exactly is Kang banned? For hate speech? Is what she said hate speech?: “I woke up this morning to news stories about how overweight nearly obese women should be proud of their bodies (as they posed in lingerie). I think we should all accept how any healthy body through good nutrition and exercise manifests but I’m starting to get annoyed…”

2.  Is she forever banned, temporarily banned (that seems to be the case) or is just her page banned?

3. Haven’t you, in fairness, seen worse on Facebook? Her opinion might be wrong or right or obnoxious or even hateful depending on how you look at it…but isn’t it just an opinion? It seems like someone (or many people) reported it as abusive, and thus it got taken down, but was that really necessary?

What do you think?



  • http://www.jenandjoeygogreen.com/ Jen @ Go Green

    A few of the articles indicate that she didn’t post it on her own page, she posted it on another page that was hosting a campaign about all women being beautiful regardless of their size. So going off of that (posting it on the other page) I don’t think she should have been banned (she is unbanned now) but I do think that her rant deserved to be deleted from the page if the page owner did not want it there.

    • HelenRac

      Thanks for your comment, Jen. I have to agree with you.

  • anioretta

    As a borderline-obese mother, I of course have opinions about Maria Kang’s rhetoric. But for now I just want to comment on the banning aspect.
    I think it is completely ridiculous that Maria’s account was temporarily banned over something so trivial. Recently, someone posted an eye-witness video on Facebook, showing an RCMP officer being point-blank slaughtered by a gunman (in Moncton, NB). I wrote to the poster first, explaining to her how awful such a video would be for the RCMP member’s family and friends, and begging her to take it down. Nothing happened. So I reported the video. And then 100′s of my contacts (other military and RCMP spouses) began reporting the video. And many of us got our friends and family to report the video. Facebook did nothing. The video was not deleted. And the poster certainly was not banned.
    Here’s my theory. I suspect that Facebook does not really delete and ban based on appropriateness of content, but rather based on popularity of content. Although 100′s of us reported the video, within a couple of hours, over 13,000 Facebook users had SHARED THE VIDEO (and don’t get me started about what that tells me about our society!!!!). And the poster even started getting interviews with the news … and the media also showed the video (giving credit to Facebook).
    So the long and the short of it is that Facebook is a business, and they do what’s best for business. In the case of Maria Kang … well, as she pointed out, 2/3 of the population is obese, and most of those people don’t want to feel bad about themselves. Maria Kang’s posts weren’t good for business. End of story.