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    Why playing word games with your kids gives them an educational edge, while in the car, on the way to school or at the dinner table.

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    The best way to keep the fun happening all summer long is by putting safety first. From bike safety rules to bullying, here's what you need to know to keep yourself and those around you safe and happy.

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    Scary events can be even scarier to children. Here's how to talk to them about process events in the news.

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    Want to know why teachers expect you to read with your kids? Studies show that kids who are in homes that value and practice reading will learn to read by themselves. Check out our expert advice on how to encourage reading in your household.

  • 5 simple ways to improve parent-teacher relationships

    Follow these insider tips from two experienced teachers to avoid the awkwardness of an unpleasant relationship with your child's teacher.

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    Find out the meanings of dreams your children are having, plus how to make your little ones sleep better through the night.