65+ kid-friendly recipes

Treat your child to a wide selection of quick and healthy recipes from breakfast to lunch, plus snacks and desserts.

By The Canadian Living Test Kitchen

23 kid-friendly recipes

We've created this great selection of healthy, kid-friendly meals to offer you a one-stop collection of quick and easy recipes your child will love.

Start the day off right with a good-for-you breakfast, followed up by an easy-to-make lunch with smart snack choices sprinkled throughout, and your child will be on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast and brunch

Apple Danish Roll-Ups - This recipe won in a contest held by the Thames Valley Children's Nutrition Network.
Apple Muesli - It's a good snack to send in the lunchbox for a quick pickup when children are on their way home.
Apricot Honey Oatmeal - This porridge isn't just fruity; it has honey in it, and everybody knows bears love honey.
Big Batch Buttermilk Pancakes - Here are "the best pancakes yet" from the Breakfast for Kids Program at Holy Trinity Church-St. David School.
Breakfast in a Cookie - The introduction to these glossy, packed-with-goodies cookies reads: "Wakeup feettofloor grabcookie outthedoor. PS - don't forget shoes."
Cinnamon Munchie Mix - This is another favourite from the Morning Munchers Breakfast Program at Mildmay Carrick Public School.
Jiggly Jelly Banana Orange Salad - This is an orange and banana variation of Vicki's jellied fruit salad. Vicki goes to Uptergrove Public School, and this recipe came from the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network.
Snickerdoodle French Toast - Michael Wall from Notre Dame School serves this french toast with butter and maple syrup. The recipe was submitted to the Orillia & Area Nutrition Network.
Swiss Muesli - Making your own muesli or granola is a great way of adding fibre to your child's diet. It's especially delicious when it's sprinkled over a favourite fruit yogurt.


20-Minute Chicken Chili - Pack some leftovers separately with a whole wheat flour tortilla for your child to stuff and roll up into a chicken chili burrito.
Apple and Ham Salad - Use your child's favourite kind of apple for this salad, which also works well between two slices of bread.
Baked Bunwiches - Whether eaten rewarmed in the microwave at school or enjoyed cold, these sandwiches make a great lunch.
Baked Penne with Beef Zuchini and Fontina Cheese - Why send canned products when you can send your own homemade beef and pasta?
Baked Salsa Ham Roll-Ups - Children can get bored with ordinary sandwiches so switch things up a bit with tortillas, either white, whole wheat, spinach or tomato.
Beef and Bean Burrito Bake - High-fibre beans, meat and vegetables get all rolled up in a tortilla for a quick and nutritious lunch.
Black Bean Drumsticks - Serve this for dinner with Confetti Pepper Rice, but save two drumsticks for your child's lunch the next day.
Broccoli Tortellini Soup - Warm soothing soup is a perfect lunchbox idea for chilly fall and winter days, and it takes less than 15 minutes to make.
Button Mushroom Salad - If your child is a fan of mushrooms, try this salad for a different take on lunch.
Cheeseburger Pizza - Add some cheeseburger-inspired toppings, such as pickled hot peppers, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce to this pizza.
Chicken and Black Bean Burritos - Kids need an energizing lunch that will keep them full until they arrive home. These burritos are packed with chicken and high-fibre black beans.
Chicken and Stars - If you make extra chicken for supper, you or the kids can put this lunch soup together in just a few minutes, even first thing in the morning.
Chicken Chow Mein - Save some of this dinner for a delicious lunch to pack in a microwaveable container the next day.
Chicken Falafel with Tahini Sauce - Chicken is delicious either hot or cold, so save some for lunch the next day.

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