Tasty campfire cookout classics

Four open-fire camping food favourites for kids young and old.

By Adrienne Robertson

S'Mores and more camping recipes from The Canadian Living Test Kitchen

These are the messiest little toasted sandwiches, but also a camping essential.

• Place large marshmallows on skewers and let everyone toast their own to perfection (kids enjoy setting them on fire and blowing them out, but make sure they know not to wave their skewer back and forth or else someone will end up with a flaming marshmallow against their skin).

• Prepare the outsides of the s'mores: a graham cracker for the extremities and a piece of chocolate on one side. When marshmallows are sufficiently toasted, place them on top of the chocolate and sandwich the ingredients together. Spread peanut butter on the

TIP: Try a few twists on an old favourite by using chocolate biscuits (available at bulk food stores) instead of graham crackers or coloured marshmallows instead of white ones. And as if these treats don't have enough sugar already, you can use caramel-filled chocolate squares instead of solid milk chocolate.

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Campfire Crumble
A little smoky flavour adds authenticity to a tasty dessert cooked over the fire or a camp-stove burner. Use any dried fruit you like (small fruit will not need to be chopped) or substitute pears for apples. Leftovers are terrific for breakfast.

Golden Biscuits
Use our at-the-ready biscuit mix to make a batch of six Golden Biscuits.

One-Pot Steak and Pasta Simmer
For a head start on this terrific chunky sauce with pasta cooked right in, freeze the meat already sliced into strips. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese to serve.

Coco-Coconut Energy Bars
No-bake and wrap-ahead, these treats won't melt or go soggy. Tote them along for a hiking or canoe trip snack. Or take a munch break from an afternoon of garden chores.

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