Cosmopolitan recipes

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    • This rosy cocktail has taken North America by storm over the last few years.
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    Pitcher Cosmopolitans

    • Forget the punch. This trendy cocktail is even better when there is lots to share, as in this pitcher.
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    Sparkling Pomegranate

    • One hundred per cent pure pomegranate juice (not cocktail) gives this pretty red sparkler the best flavour and colour. It's perfect for brunch with...
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    Suburban Cocktail

    • Cranberry Cosmopolitans used to be Adell Shneer's favourite cocktail until she created this version using lime-flavoured gin in place of vodka....
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    Vanilla White Crantini

    • This cocktail uses vanilla vodka, but you can easily replace it with regular vodka and add a couple of drops of vanilla to each glass.