Rum recipes

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    Apple Raisin Pandowdy

    • A pandowdy is like a deep-dish fruit pie with a biscuit topping that bakes into a flaky crust. Serve at room temperature or warm (with ice cream),...
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    Bananas Foster

    • Cut bananas in half lengthwise; set aside. In skillet or chafing dish, melt butter over medium heat; stir in sugar until melted. Add bananas,...
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    Black Currant Rum Punch

    • Use black currant–flavoured black tea bags (such as Twinings) instead of herbal tea for an intense, not-too-sweet black currant flavour.
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    Boca Negra with Rum-Soaked Cherries

    • Like a dense chocolate pate, these moist little cakes will thrill chocolate lovers.
  5. 5.

    Boozy Chocolate Sauce

    • This rich chocolate sauce is the perfect topping for ice cream.
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    Calypso Chicken

    • This spice mixture livens up chicken wonderfully and is just as delicious rubbed on fish or pork.
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    Chewy Fruitcake Blondies

    • These blondies have all the flavour of fruitcake, but they take just a fraction of the time to make. Soaking the fruit and nuts in rum gives them a...
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    Chocolate and Caramelized Banana Tarts

    • A crisp crust of phyllo envelops a bed of caramelized bananas and a chocolate filling for an irresistible match made in heaven. Serve these...
  9. 9.

    Chocolate Chestnut Mousse

    • Look for tubes or cans of sweetened chestnut pur?in the baking aisle during the holiday season.
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    Chocolate Fudge Cake With Raspberry Coulis

    • "This recipe is inspired by a chocolate cake my grandmother used to make for special occasions. It's decadent, incredibly chocolaty and extremely...
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    Christmas Fruitcake Hermits

    • Bake these traditional Christmas cake flavours into easy last-minute bite-size cookies. Loaded with lots of candied fruit and nuts, these...
  12. 12.

    Coconut Lime Pie Martini

    • The weather outside might be frightful, but this tropical martini is delightful.
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    Cookie recipe: Fruitcake Rum Balls

    • Even fruitcake skeptics will love these rum-scented balls. It's the perfect way to use up extra cake.
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    Cranberry Eggnog Trifle

    • This trifle tastes just like everyone's favourite holiday drink. Cranberry sauce adds a subtle tartness, which helps to cut through the richness of...
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    Dark and Snowy

    • This twist on the Dark and Stormy, typically made with ginger beer and rum, gets its flavor from a spicy homemade ginger syrup. The addition of a...
  16. 16.

    Dark and Stormy

    • Fill highball glass with ice. Add rum and Ginger Beer. Squeeze wedge of lime over top and drop into drink. Stir to combine.
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    Dark Christmas Cake (nut-free)

    • This recipe is an adaptation of the Canadian Living Dark Christmas Cake from their 2004 Holiday Cookbook. Due to allergies in my husband's family,...
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    Dark Rum Sauce

    • In small saucepan, melt butter over medium heat; add corn syrup, granulated and brown sugars and cinnamon. Bring to boil, stirring; boil until...
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    Eggnog Knot Cookies

    • Enjoy all the flavours of eggnog in a sweet, simple knotted cookie that is guaranteed to be a hit on any festive cookie platter. When glazing the...
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    Espresso Liqueur

    • This rich liqueur has an intense flavour that coffee lovers will savour. Sip it on its own or in mixed drinks, such as the White Russian Cocktail.
  21. 21.

    Espresso Liqueur

    • This rich liqueur has an intense flavour that coffee lovers will savour. Sip it on its own or in mixed drinks, such as a White Russian Cocktail.
  22. 22.

    Eyeball Splash

    • Look for canned lychees in the Asian section of the grocery store, and be sure to pick up enough ice. Make the “eyeballs” ahead of time...
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    • Match this with Puff Pastry Pissaladi? .
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    Frizzante Tropicale

    • Bring a taste of the tropics to your holiday affair with this easy sipper. Opt for freshly squeezed (not bottled) lemon and lime juice, and use...
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    Frosty Peach Daiquiris

    • Peaches give this drink a smooth texture and a heavenly flavour. If you're short on time, use frozen sliced peaches; they'll make the drink extra...
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    Frozen Christmas Pudding

    • Combine classic Christmas pudding flavours with ice cream, et voila; an updated, simple-to-prepare dessert. The best part? You can make it up to...
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    Frozen Mango Colada

    • Just the aromas of coconut rum and tropical fruit in this thick, slushy drink will transport you to sunny southern islands. For extra pizzazz,...
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    Frozen Mango Mousse in Coconut Tuiles

    • Elegant cookie tuiles filled with refreshing homemade mousse make an elegant showstopper for dessert. We've garnished ours with mangoes and...
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    Frozen Shark Bite

    • If you would rather be surfing on Christmas day, then James Smith's cocktail (a favourite from his many holidays in his Australian birthplace)...
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    Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Trifle

    • Flecked with cubes of pound cake, this rosy pink dessert is a festive yet surprisingly light finish to a special meal.