White wine recipes

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    ''Sure to Please'' Chicken Cacciatore

    • I like to prepare dishes for guests that allow me to enjoy their company. In order to do this, I select dishes that can be prepared before the...
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    2003 International Chowder Winner

    • John Petcoff, co-owner of seafood restaurant Oyster Boy in Toronto, carried off the grand prize at last year's chowder simmer-off at P.E.I.'s...
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    Allison's Mussels

    • Sitting around a bowl of mussels, dipping them into their white-wine cooking liquid or melted garlic butter is a grand way to start a summer party....
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    Baked Oysters and Wild Mushroom Cups

    • Shuck oysters, reserving liquor in measuring cup. If necessary, add enough milk to make 1/2 cup (125 mL). Halve oysters if large; set aside along...
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    Barbecue Mussel Bake

    • Now that mussels are supermarket-available and virtually pot ready, they make a fuss-free summer supper. The bonus? You can cook the bivalves right...
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    Barley Risotto with Fennel

    • Pearl barley is a nice alternative to arborio rice in this rich and creamy risotto. Serve with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese alongside saute...
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    Beef Steak with Sesame Oil

    • In large shallow dish, stir together wine, vinegar, sesame and vegetable oils, garlic, ginger, pepper and thyme. Add steak, turning to coat;...
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    Berries with Sabayon

    • In bowl, combine strawberries and raspberries. Divide among 6 dessert goblets or dishes. Set aside. Sabayon: In large heatproof bowl over...
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    Blushing Penne Pasta

    • Cook penne according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat, cook onions in butter for 8-10 minutes or...
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    Braised Pork, Potatoes and Beans in White Wine Sauce

    • This spin on the French classic blanquette de veau is a tad more rustic than the original. If you don't want to use wine, use 1 cup (250 mL)...
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    Braised Shallots and Squash Stew

    • Simmering the whole shallots and garlic cloves in the stew enhances their natural sweetness. If you like, you can substitute other seasonal...
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    Bulgur and Mushroom Burgers

    • Finely chopped mushrooms are essential for this vegetarian burger, so a food processor is the ideal effort-saving appliance. Top the burgers with...
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    Burger Topping Recipes: Sauteed Mushrooms

    • In skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat; cook garlic for about 30 seconds or until slightly softened. Add mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper;...
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    Cabernet Franc Wine Jelly

    • Fresh thyme accentuates the herbaceous notes of Cabernet Franc. This gift makes a wonderful accompaniment to a cheese platter. – Adell Shneer
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    Calamari in Tomato White Wine Sauce

    • Holding calamari tube, pull off head and tentacles; set aside. Rinse squid tubes under cold water, rubbing off purplish skin. Pull out and discard...
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    Caldeirada (Fish Stew)

    • In large pot, heat 2 tablespoons (25 mL) of the oil over medium heat. Add onions, garlic, green and hot peppers, salt, nutmeg and pepper; cook,...
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    Canadian Cheese Fondue

    • The classic Swiss cheese dish gets a wonderful Canadian twist. If you like, serve boiled potatoes alongside the cubed baguette for dipping.
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    Cava Sangria

    • This Spanish punch is a blend of wine, spirits and fruit. This recipe uses sparkling wine, but we've included a classic red wine variation as well....
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    Champagne Mignonette Sauce

    • Flavourful little sauces not only dress up oysters but also offer delicious introductions to first-time oyster eaters. Each sauce is enough for one...
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    Chicken Amandine

    • Serve with: Boiled New Potatoes — Steamed Cabbage Wedges — Peas
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    Chicken Marsala

    • 1.POUND chicken breasts between sheets of plastic wrap until about 1/4" thickness. 2.COMBINE flour, salt, pepper and oregano in a mixing bowl....
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    Chicken Phyllo Bundles

    • Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). From the side, slice chicken lengthwise almost in half, to create a pocket; place in glass dish. Whisk together...
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    Chicken Pot Pie

    • In high season, David Hammonds, executive chef at The Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, prepares about 4,000 meals a day. This sumptuous pie is...
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    Chicken Provencal

    • This recipe, which she first tasted in France, brings the magic of Provence to any party.
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    Chicken Saltimbocca

    • Place chicken breasts between sheets of waxed paper; pound to 1/4-inch (5 mm) thickness. Place 4 sage leaves on one side of each breast. Cover...
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    Chicken Sandwich on a Pita

    • The 2001 Canada Day Chicken Challenge Runners-Up
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    Chicken with Leeks and Shiitake Mushrooms

    • The subtle, earthy flavours of leeks and shiitake mushrooms naturally complement chicken. Serve this easy entertaining dish with mashed potatoes or...
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    Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce

    • Serve with: Buttered noodles and asparagus. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are lean and quick to prepare. For something different throughout...
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    Chicken with White Wine and Fresh Herb Sauce

    • Serve with: Grilled or broiled tomatoes, peas or beans and French bread or a simple side starch. In this dish you can't beat the classic French...
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    Chicken with Wine Stew

    • In large nonstick skillet, heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Brown chicken, in batches. Next fry bacon until crisp. Transfer to 18- to...