Bread crumbs recipes

  1. 61.

    Fresh Pasta With Lamb and Currant Meatballs

    • Instead of the usual spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce, add some excitement to your weeknight dinner with this twist. You can find fresh...
  2. 62.

    Frozen Spiced Breaded Chicken or Fish

    • After breading chicken or fish with this flavourful mix, you can either cook it right away or freeze it for future use. Be sure to use fresh (not...
  3. 63.

    Golden Fish Cakes

    • In food processor, pulse fish just until in small pieces but not paste; transfer to large bowl. Stir in bread crumbs, green onions, parsley,...
  4. 64.

    Goulash Meatballs

    • Serve with: Egg noodles; top with sour cream.
  5. 65.

    Gratin of Swiss Chard Stems

    • Preheat oven to 450°F (230°C). Remove leaves from Swiss chard and reserve for another use. Trim 1/4 inch (5 mm) off bottom of stems and...
  6. 66.

    Great Burgers

    • This juicy burger is seasoned mildly perfect for all your favourite fixings.
  7. 67.

    Greek-Style Macaroni and Cheese

    • In large pot, cook spinach with 2 tbsp (30 mL) water over medium-high heat, stirring once, until wilted, about 3 minutes. Transfer to sieve; press...
  8. 68.

    Halibut Cordon Blue

    • We ocean fish most weekends through the summer months. The thrill of catching a halibut approximately 30 pounds provides the opportunity of making...
  9. 69.

    Havarti-Stuffed Cocktail Tomatoes

    • Cocktail tomatoes are small tomatoes, larger than cherry but smaller than regular tomatoes. There are quite a few varieties, and most are sweet and...
  10. 70.

    Havarti-Stuffed Cocktail Tomatoes

    • Cocktail tomatoes are larger than cherry but smaller than regular tomatoes. There are many varieties, and most are sweet and juicy. Look for them...
  11. 71.

    Hawaiian Pork Meat Loaf

    • Crushed pineapple and a hoisin glaze provide a tropical twist to this ultramoist meat loaf. Serve with rice and steamed sugar snap peas for a...
  12. 72.

    Hazelnut Mushroom Turkey Breast

    • A rolled turkey breast is an elegant entr?solution for small gatherings.
  13. 73.

    Herbed Cheese-Stuffed Chicken

    • This dinner is quick enough for weeknights but elegant enough for entertaining. The chicken can be stuffed using a spoon, but a disposable piping...
  14. 74.

    Herbed Pork Cutlets

    • Fresh herbs, so plentiful now, flavour this dish with no fuss at all. Serve with new red potatoes and yellow beans.
  15. 75.

    Hungarian Potato Casserole

    • The yummiest way to eat potatoes. Good as a meal or a side dish.
  16. 76.

    Italian Meat Loaf

    • This is not your bland childhood meat loaf. It is updated and improved with the best of Italian flavours. The secret to this moist loaf is soaking...
  17. 77.

    Italian Sausage Bean Bake

    • Your favourite pasta sauce, such as spicy tomato or basil, combines with navy or kidney beans for a quick dinner.
  18. 78.

    Italian Stuffed Burgers

    • These mouthwatering burgers are adapted from the meat loaf recipe of Rosa Paris of Toronto. Rosa is from the small town of Modugno in southern...
  19. 79.

    Italian Vegetable Casserole

    • Grilling the vegetables before baking gives them a subtle smokiness that makes this casserole special. For extraordinary results, use fresh...
  20. 80.

    Jalape?o Bean Cakes With Lime Mayo

    • These tasty little bean cakes are a breeze to make - especially when you use the food processor. Serve them with a side salad or coleslaw with a...
  21. 81.

    Juicy Herb Burger

    • The addition of onion, water and egg to the beef makes for a very juicy burger. Top it off with one of the Aiolis or a simple dollop of mustard and...
  22. 82.

    Lamb Eyeballs With Cucumber Yogurt Dip

    • Scary meatballs with a cool yogurt dip are sure to be the hit of the party. You can also serve them with mini pita pockets and invite guests to...
  23. 83.

    Lemon Herb Shrimp Burgers

    • With the cabbage topping and homemade tartar sauce, these tender burgers taste like a fresh, healthy version of a fish-and-chips dinner –...
  24. 84.

    Lemony Chicken Burgers

    • You'll find these fresh-tasting burgers a little moist to pat into shape, but they firm up nicely on the grill. Pile them into buns and top with...
  25. 85.

    Macaroni and Cheese

    • In large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat; cook onion, thyme and garlic, stirring occasionally, until slightly softened, about 4 minutes....
  26. 86.

    Macaroni and Cheese with Mushrooms

    • In large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat; cook onion, thyme and garlic, stirring occasionally, until slightly softened, about 4 minutes....
  27. 87.

    Mashed Potato Patties

    • Make these patties for a Christmas-dinner change. You can add 2 tbsp (25 mL) of crumbled bacon bits, goat cheese or grated Parmesan to the potato...
  28. 88.

    Mashed Potato Shallot Crumble

    • For a new twist on Thanksgiving mashed, try this special version from "A Thanksgiving to Remember" in our October 2004 issue of Canadian Living...
  29. 89.

    Meatless Polpette in Tomato Sauce

    • Polpette, or Italian meatballs, are fantastic with a side of sautéed rapini or other leafy greens. Or serve with cooked pasta, quinoa or rice.
  30. 90.

    Mexican Fiesta Meatballs

    • Serve with: Rice; sprinkle with shredded cheese (such as Monterey Jack or Cheddar).