Coconut Milk recipes

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    Chicken Curry with Vegetables

    • Heat Rating: Medium The Chinese spice trio of star anise, cloves and cinnamon, along with Indian black mustard seeds and fragrant cardamom pods,...
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    Coconut Curried Chicken Phyllo Rolls

    • Spicy and slightly sweet, these pretty morsels have a creamy consistency from the coconut milk.
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    Coconut Curry Shrimp

    • In large bowl, whisk together coconut milk, fish sauce, curry powder, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Add shrimp, red pepper, green onions and...
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    Coconut Curry Simmered Fish Fillets

    • Any fish will work beautifully, but pickerel, whitefish or lake trout are especially tasty. There are several curry pastes available, so experiment...
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    Coconut Ginger Wild Rice Pudding

    • Wild rice is native to Canada, and it's an important part of the nation's food history. Using a blend of brown and wild rice, such as Lundberg Wild...
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    Coconut Lime Pie Martini

    • The weather outside might be frightful, but this tropical martini is delightful.
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    Coconut Mochi Snowballs

    • These not-too-sweet confections have a nice chewy texture and a distinct coconut flavour. They're best served the day they're made, but they also...
  8. 8.

    Coconut Sorbet and Lacy Wafers with Tropical Fruit

    • Coconut milk creates creamy sorbet with all the richness of ice cream (but none of the dairy). Use a combination of tropical fruit, such as...
  9. 9.

    Curried Banana Beef Stew

    • This mildly spiced dish gets a touch of sweetness from the plantains and sweet potatoes. Use green plantains because they are firm and will not...
  10. 10.

    Curried Chicken Vol-au-Vents

    • This striking curry offers a fresh taste and look with the flavour of sweet potatoes and the colour of curry.
  11. 11.

    Dairy-Free Chocolate Fondue

    • The best part about fondue is that your guests do most of the work— and kids love it. This recipe is versatile: It doubles easily to serve a...
  12. 12.

    Dairy-Free Raspberry Lime Freezes

    • This refreshing treat is a cross between a frozen dessert and a smoothie. Double-check the ingredients in the sorbet or sherbet to ensure they are...
  13. 13.

    Dark and Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake

    • Everyone should be able to eat chocolate cake! A few simple substitutions is all it takes to make our classic recipe free of dairy, gluten, eggs,...
  14. 14.

    Dragon Fruit Martini

    • Dragon fruit is a type of cactus fruit that can be found in Asian markets and in your grocery store's exotic fruit section. Covered with magenta...
  15. 15.

    Easy Thai Green Curry With Tofu and Vegetables

    • A curry is a great place to add or substitute your favourite vegetables. Since commercial Thai curry paste is generally made with fish sauce or...
  16. 16.

    Lemon Coconut Tart

    • A crisp almond-coconut crust filled with tangy lemon-coconut curd is a delightful way to end a big holiday meal. Coconut milk gives the lemon curd...
  17. 17.

    Mango Crème Brûlée

    • Garnish with a selection of tropical fruits, such as sliced papaya, mango or star fruit.
  18. 18.

    Maple Carrot Loaf

    • Breakfast loaves are often made with vegetable oil for moistness, but unsweetened applesauce works just as well. While this loaf is excellent on...
  19. 19.

    Pumpkin Caramel Custards

    • In heavy-bottomed saucepan, melt sugar with 1/3 cup (75 mL) cold water over medium heat, swirling pan but not stirring, until most of the sugar is...
  20. 20.

    Red Coconut Chicken Curry

    • This dish can be quite hot and spicy depending on the brand of curry paste used. The variety in the pouch (instead of the jar or can) tends to be...
  21. 21.

    Rich Lamb Curry

    • Heat Rating: Hot An equal weight of lamb and sweet caramelized onions makes a deeply satisfying dish. Serve with blanched or sautéed Chinese...
  22. 22.

    Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

    • Garam masala can be found in the spice aisle and is also known as Indian masala.
  23. 23.

    Slow Cooker Panang Pork Stew

    • Inspired by Thailand cuisine, this fragrant dish also works with beef or lamb. Kaffir lime leaves are used in traditional Thai cooking, but here...
  24. 24.

    Slow Cooker Sweet Potato, Coconut, Lime and Shrimp Soup

    • Soups are great for your weekly dinner repertoire – there are endless flavour combinations and they're easy to prepare. If you enjoy a little...
  25. 25.

    Slow Cooker Thai Yellow Curry Chicken

    • If spicy food is not your thing, reduce the curry paste to 2 tsp or use mild Indian curry paste.
  26. 26.

    Sweet-and-Sour Shrimp and Pineapple With Coconut Rice

    • Sweet-and-sour Thai-inspired ingredients enhance the mild flavour of shrimp. These shrimp would also be great served on skewers as an appetizer...
  27. 27.

    Thai Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

    • This aromatic Thai-inspired soup is the perfect comfort food to warm up a cold winter evening. Top with finely sliced red chilies for a little...
  28. 28.

    Thai Coconut Chicken Simmer

    • Fragrant with coconut, ginger and shallots, this brightly flavoured curry is best served over jasmine rice or rice noodles. Fresh cilantro or basil...
  29. 29.

    Thai Curried Meatballs

    • Red curry paste is available in most supermarkets. If you like it hot, look for a jar of Thai Kitchen brand. A milder brand is Asian Home Gourmet,...
  30. 30.

    Thai Curry Mussels With Bok Choy

    • Steamed mussels make a great – and quick – treat during a busy week. This recipe also makes an impressive appetizer for six. Serve with...