Stir Fry recipes

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    Asparagus Mushroom Stir-Fry

    • Nothing says spring like the first-of-the-season asparagus, paired here with shiitake mushrooms.
  2. 2.

    Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

    • Sprinkle beef with 1/4 tsp (1 mL) pepper; set aside. In small bowl, whisk together 3/4 cup (175 mL) water, oyster sauce and 1 tbsp (15 mL)...
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    Beef and Green Bean Stir-Fry

    • Made with sweet peppers and flavoured with Asian soy and hoisin sauce, this stir-fry is an ideal topping over noodles and steamed rice.
  4. 4.

    Beef and Pepper Skillet Supper

    • When you finally make it home after work, you want something hearty that can be made from ingredients on hand. This stir-fry, with its zippy sauce,...
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    Beef and Sweet Potato Stir-Fry

    • Never thought of including sweet potatoes in a stir-fry? This quick and easy recipe may change your mind.
  6. 6.

    Beef Stir-Fry Curry

    • While cooking, turn on the exhaust fan or open a window to dissipate the aromas of this intricately spiced dish. Yogurt adds a lovely creamy tang.
  7. 7.

    Black Bean Beef and Asparagus

    • The savoury flavour of black bean sauce with the freshness of asparagus makes this an all-in-one addictive treat.
  8. 8.

    Black Bean Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry

    • Beef strips mixed with black bean sauce makes this a savoury, slightly peppery main course. Serve over steamed white rice.
  9. 9.

    Black Bean Tofu Stir-Fry

    • Sauce: In bowl, whisk together chicken stock, black bean sauce, cornstarch and rice vinegar; set aside. Main Ingredients: In large wok or...
  10. 10.

    Black Bean, Ground Pork and Green Bean Stir-Fry

    • In small bowl, whisk together black bean sauce, cornstarch, vinegar, sugar and 1/2 cup water; set aside. In wok, heat 1 tbsp of the oil over...
  11. 11.

    Black Bean, Pork and Lobster Stir-Fry

    • Celebrate Chinese New Year or another special occasion with this traditional Chinese lobster platter. Filled with succulent, sweet morsels of...
  12. 12.

    Bok Choy Stir-Fry

    • Next to rice, vegetables are the most important staple in Chinese cooking. Now there's a wide variety of Asian vegetables available in the...
  13. 13.

    Braised Bok Choy

    • Move over, potatoes and carrots – this Asian-inspired veggie side is a dinner-time hit.
  14. 14.

    Buddhist Vegetable Medley

    • This stir-fried, braised vegetarian dish incorporates ingredients that symbolize health, long life, good luck, wealth and happiness. If you can get...
  15. 15.

    Caraway Cabbage Stir-Fry with Cheese Perogies

    • Steam frozen perogies over a bed of cabbage for a European-inspired meal.
  16. 16.

    Chan's Favourite Beef Steak

    • Given the physical demands and time constraints of her profession, Chan favours nutritious, protein-rich foods that can be prepared simply. Far...
  17. 17.

    Chicken and Brussels Sprout Sauté

    • Trim any fat from chicken; cut into cubes. In large deep skillet or wok, heat oil over medium-high heat; brown chicken. Transfer to plate. Drain...
  18. 18.

    Chicken and Snow Pea Stir-Fry

    • In bowl, toss together chicken, 1 tbsp of the oil, garlic, paprika and cumin. In wok or skillet, heat remaining oil over high heat; stir-fry ham...
  19. 19.

    Chicken and Vegetable Soba Noodle Stir-Fry

    • Soba noodles, which are made with buckwheat flour, are delicious hot or cold. In this dish, the chicken breast is sliced thinly, so a little goes a...
  20. 20.

    Chicken in Thai Curry Sauce

    • Canadian Airlines executive chef Jean Pierre Guerin was pleased to share this delicious dish with our earthbound test kitchen. He suggests serving...
  21. 21.

    Chicken Lo Mein

    • This one-dish meal has chicken, vegetables and starch all in one bowl. Dry Chinese wheat noodles are flat thin noodles available in Chinese grocery...
  22. 22.

    Chicken Noodle Stir-Fry

    • This one-pot dish is a fast family favourite, plus easy on the wallet using chicken thigh meat and ramen noodles.
  23. 23.

    Chicken Teriyaki Stir-Fry with Noodles

    • Ideal for a weeknight supper because it's so quick to make, this stir-fry combines plenty of healthful vegetables and noodles to make a very...
  24. 24.

    Chicken Vegetable Stir-Fry

    • With just a toss of fresh ingredients, this is ready in no time.
  25. 25.

    Chicken with Black Bean Sauce

    • Convenient black-bean-and-garlic sauce turns this dish into a real family favourite. It's available at many large supermarkets and, of course,...
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    Chicken, Snow Peas and Cashew Stir-Fry

    • Stir-fries are great summer meals - quick, healthy and popular with kids. Try this one from the "20-minute Suppers" story in our August 2004 issue.
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    Chili Garlic Shrimp with Snow Peas

    • In small bowl, whisk together tomato paste, sherry (if using), hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sugar, chili garlic sauce and 3 tbsp (45 mL) water. Set...
  28. 28.

    Chili Rellenos Con Queso

    • For best results, use large, thick-fleshed peppers such as poblano, mulato or Anaheim, banana or cubanelle.
  29. 29.

    Chinese Beef, Garlic and Scape Stir-fry

    • Scapes appear in many Chinese dishes, none more delicious than this one to serve over rice or noodles. You can substitute green beans or green...
  30. 30.

    Chinese Sticky Chicken Wings

    •  If you don't have five-spice powder, use 1/2 tsp (2 mL) cinnamon and pinch each ground cloves and pepper.