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Hamburg Goulash with Cheese

Aug 31, 2010

This recipe is a family favourite. It is very easy to make.

Mushroom Soup Cheese Melts

Apr 16, 2010

My dad is quite creative in the kitchen and a fantastic chef...and always comes up with fancy delicacies as well as some strange but delicious meals when we were kids. On a whim when we needed a quick lunch, he whipped this together for us. Although this isn't the most calorie wise meal, it is quick and easy and a nostalgic reminder of my childhood. My brothers and I used to make these Mushroom Soup Cheese Melts all the time! Our friends would be skeptical at first, but once they tried them, they loved them too and would always ask for them! If you like mushroom soup and cheese, you will love these too. Try them out, you will be surprised! :)

Coconut Palms

Nov 1, 2007

Grilled Cheese, Ham and Tomato Sandwich

Dec 3, 2010

This is something that I just decided to try one day when I wanted something quick to make that was different from anything I had eaten before. It turned out delicious!

Bacon and Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Dec 13, 2009

You can add eggs to the grilled cheese if you want a fuller breakfast.

Classic Mexican Nachos

Aug 13, 2010

My inspiration is to advertise my favorite recipe meals of Classic Mexican Nachos to people who will enjoy as much as I would.

Apple Danish Roll-Ups

Jul 14, 2005

In a recent recipe contest held by the Thames Valley Children's Nutrition Network, this recipe from Payton Landsborough from Colbourne Street School in Strathroy was a winner.

Canadian Cordon Bleu with Potatoes

May 12, 2009

I find this dish simple and lets the different flavours stand independently. A dish made by my favourite chef Michael Smith inspired me. I serve this dish by giving one chicken cordon bleu and one potato per guest.

Cheddar and Chive Potatoes

Nov 4, 2010

This side dish is a family recipe on my husband's side. It steals the show from the ham or turkey every time we have them. My Mother in law created this potato masterpiece that I call "Cheddar and Chive Potatoes" I believe it is best served as part of a turkey or ham dinner. Will also work with roasts as well. Enjoy!

Blueberry Lemon-Glazed Shortbread Squares

Nov 1, 2007

Julie Bensch of Hamilton, loves to mix tradition with a new twist – and this square is the result. She adds a drop or two of yellow food colouring to the icing for a lemony look.