6 recipes for "orange roast loin of pork"

Pork a l'Orange

Jan 25, 2009

Jerk Roast Pork

Jul 14, 2005

Jerk food is peppery with allspice. Several cuts of pork work well. Pork shoulder or roasts are moist and tasty but not as attractive as easy-to-carve loin rib crown-style roasts that are partially boned.

Orange Fennel Rack of Pork

Jul 14, 2005

Jerk Pork Chops

Aug 6, 2005

Start the school year off right with our Make It Tonight healthy supper solutions - ready in less than 30 minutes. This one is from the September issue and there are many more on canadianliving.com. Just search "Make It Tonight" using our advanced recipe search tool.

Slow Cooker Pork and Black Bean Chili

Nov 17, 2007

A mouth-watering, weeknight meal that's made easier by having your slow cooker do all the work.

Cranberry Fruit Chutney

Jul 14, 2005

Fresh and tangy yet sweet enough to satisfy, this burnished red condiment pairs beguilingly with turkey, ham, goose and duck. Save some for pork loin roasts and chops, too.