Relationship advice: How to turn a friendship into a romance

Would you like to go from being 'just friends' to being in a romantic relationship? Our relationship advice can help.

Can your best bud become your main squeeze?
Can your best bud become your main squeeze? Sometimes the chemistry that was nonexistent at the beginning of a friendship kicks into high gear as time goes on. Affection may grow on its own. Or one of you may have a sudden epiphany – like when your potential paramour falls in love with someone else, is about to be married or breaks up with his existing partner.

Here are some possible scenarios, and some tactics and risks to consider when trying to turn a friend into something more.

Scenario: "OMG: he's about to get married… and not to me!"
Just in time for his wedding, you realize he's not just an awesome friend…he's meant to be your husband, not hers.

• Maybe you just want him because now you won't be able to have him – ever.
• Maybe this isn't about you wanting him per se – it's about wanting your great friendship to remain the same.

What to do
Sit down and talk… well, well, well before his wedding date. Preferably before he even sets a wedding date.

Risk factor: HIGH
Seriously: He dreams of happily-ever-after with this woman. If he rejects your declaration of love, your friendship may be ruined forever. (Ditto if he leaves you for her and then you both realize later that – oops! – it wasn't meant to be after all.)

Scenario: Neither of you has had much luck with love lately. Maybe the two of you could make a go of romance: After all, you have so much in common.

• On paper, this sounds logical. But if the chemistry isn't there, you're missing one of the key aspects of romance.

What to do
See if romantic feelings develop if you start treating him more as a date. Start socializing in a more date-like context: movies, meals out, walks. Dress as you would for a date and wear makeup. See if he notices. Just as important, see if you notice any new feelings. Do you feel attracted to him?

Risk factor: LOW
If you start treating him as a date but find there really is no chemistry, you can simply revert to your old buddy-buddy habits.

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