Photo gallery: 8 fun things to do with your family this Victoria Day

Have fun with your family on Victoria Day with these eight ways to spend the holiday.

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How to reconnect with your family over the long weeked

Victoria Day: Do you see it as a day to celebrate the Queen's birthday or a day off work to spend with family? We're pretty sure you're not planning a party fit for a queen, but we have a good feeling you're excited about the long weekend. It's pretty much the unofficial start of summer and the chance to spend some quality time with your family. Here are eight ways to make the most of this much-anticipated day off.

1. Have a picnic
Pack up the family and a picnic basket stocked with everyone's favourite foods and head to a nearby park. Many parks across the country will be hosting events and kid-friendly activities on Victoria Day. Before you go, check out these ways to make your picnic environmentally friendly and get inspiration for sandwich fillings.

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