What to put in your baby's scrapbook

Putting together a scrapbook for your baby? Here are a few essentials you'll definitely want to place in there.

What to put in your baby's scrapbook
Just like decorating a baby's nursery and shopping for new clothes, making a baby scrapbook is a project many new mothers look forward to. Precious moments and quirky baby habits can easily be recorded in a personalized book, but since there are a million things you want to remember about your baby, it may be difficult to narrow down the most important tidbits.

"Little ones grow up so fast, especially in their first year," says Gina Bell, a mother and blogger at East Coast Mommy. "So, it's important to have keepsakes and guard cherished memories of your baby." Bell shares her top tips on what to keep in your baby's scrapbook:

1. Important first memories
A chapter full of first memories is a perfect way to start off a baby scrapbook. "You'll never want to forget their first smile, first tooth, first word, first step, first Christmas," Bell says.

Have their first word written out in a fun font or add pictures of your baby taking her first steps. Also, be sure to keep the first drawing they ever make for you, she says. It'll make for a great addition to the scrapbook.

2. Handprints and footprints
"Baby scrapbooks should definitely have handprints and footprints," says Bell. There's nothing quite as adorable as your baby's tiny fingers and toes. You can use a copy of the prints taken from the hospital or take their handprints and footprints by using bright, non-toxic paints.

Your baby's handprints and footprints are also a fun way to decorate your scrapbook and give it a cute design theme.

3. A lock of hair
Another great memento is a small lock of your baby's soft hair, says Bell. Place it in a little ziplock bag in their baby books next to a picture of their first haircut. It'll be interesting to see how much their hair changes over time.

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