6 budget-friendly gift ideas for your friends

Giving presents from the heart doesn't have to mean spending a fortune. Check out our expert advice on getting friends of all personalities the right gifts.

3 budget-friendly gift ideas for your friends
Finding the perfect gift for a great friend is hard, mostly because you want to make sure it is something she'll truly love. But how can your gift be creative and still have a personal touch?

Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakely, cofounders of The Society, a virtual culture club in Toronto, have a reputation for knowing what's hot. They spoke to us about finding the best present for each personality.

1. For the woman who has everything: Vintage presents

"We always have luck with vintage finds for our friends that appear to have everything," say Dempster and Blakely. "Whether she loves jewelry, clothing, accessories, furniture, books -- there are so many great vintage shops."

"The good thing about going the vintage route is that there is a very good chance she will not already have it," they continue. "The key with these gifts, though, is that you can't leave them till the last minute."

Another tip from the duo? "Pick things up as you see them and save them for those special events."

2. For the workaholic: Give her a break

For a workaholic, there is no present more fitting than a break. What she needs most is an afternoon of fun with no phones, no work and definitely no thoughts of the office.

"Maybe gather her best friends together and have a fun day on Toronto Island or plan a cosy movie night at home with honey and chili popcorn," they suggest.

 Planning an event for a workaholic is all about having things organized so that all she has to do is show up.

Just make sure to pre-arrange it with your friend in advance so she can make time for the event in her hectic schedule. Your friend will be grateful to take a breather and will be happy she can spend her time with someone who cares enough to plan it for her.

3. For the girly girl: A memorable gift
Instead of getting your girly girl friend the typical candles, bubble bath salts or spa gift certificate, give her something that will create a memory -- something she can't do for herself.

Dempster and Blakely suggest tea for two at a hotel in your city. High tea is a memorable event that she'll not soon forget.

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