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    Looking for a DIY costume for two? We've got a gallery of ideas for costumes for couples. 

  • 6 signs your relationship is in trouble

    Do you worry that you’re in an unhealthy relationship? We asked a couples therapist to share some of the common warning signs that every couple should watch out for. 

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    While it's an exciting step in any relationship, there are many factors one should keep in mind before moving in with a partner. Our relationship expert offers advice to help you before the big move.

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    Get out the pen and paper and take an old-fashioned approach to showing your partner how much you care. Find out how writing a love letter can help improve your relationship.

  • How to end a relationship the right way

    When it comes to relationships, there's nothing quite as tough as breaking up. Check out our expert advice on ending a relationship with sensitivity.

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    How can you make your loved one's heart melt this year and for years to come? One man shares what he did to make one Valentine's Day gift the best of all. 

  • 40 ways to add romance to your relationship

    Want to add a little more romance to your relationship? Try rekindling the spark between you and your sweetheart with one of these random acts of romance.

  • Canadian Loving

    From gift ideas for your sweetheart to decadent recipes to loveable craft ideas for kids, our guide to Valentine's Day 2013 has everything you need to make Feb. 14 extra special for you and your loved ones.

  • 5 tips to help you shop for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day

    Skip the store-bought flowers and chocolate boxes this Valentine's Day and opt for something more sincere. Here are five simple tips to help you shop for your partner without breaking the bank.

  • 10 best Valentine's Day gifts under $100

    The one you love deserves more than last-minute roses and cheap chocolates. Here are the top 10 gifts that are sure to put a smile on your partner's face this Valentine's Day.

  • 30 tips for a successful relationship

    Whether you've begun a new relationship or you're comfortable in your long-term commitment, it's important to check in every so often to ensure you're both on the same page. Here are 30 simple tips for a successful relationship.

  • 5 tips for apologizing to your partner

    Learn to own up to your part in disagreements and to say you're sorry in a way that's genuine and meaningful. Check out our top five tips for apologizing to your spouse or partner.

  • 6 steps to falling in love with yourself

    While it's important to love others, it's also necessary to appreciate and care for yourself. Check out our expert tips for falling in love with yourself.

  • How to break the nagging habit

    Nagging can be a bad habit that just might ruin your relationship. Learn to communicate with your partner in a more positive way and get your point across without nagging.