100+ great Valentine's Day ideas

Get everything you need to plan a happy Valentine's Day right here. From Tested Till Perfect recipes to help you create a romantic dinner for two and sweet kids' crafts, to fun date ideas and tips to steam up your sex life, you'll find plenty of inspiration.

Valentine's Day ideas 1 - 50: Gifts, crafts and recipes
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Get inspired with the best of the season in our 2014 Valentine's Day special, featuring gifts, recipes, crafts, style tips and date ideas for lasting memories.

Valentine's Day is often criticized as the most commercial non-holiday holiday but inevitably, love prevails and you might find yourself dreaming of the kinds of romantic gestures that'd make even Cupid swoon.

Our list of 100+ Valentine's Day ideas begins with the season's latest and greatest items to buy for your guy or gal. Because even though there are plenty of free ways to express your love, nothing delights like a small token of your affection. Ladies and gentlemen, we begin with 14 great Valentine's Day gifts under $30. Featuring ...

1. 'I heart you' egg shaper
2. ABC book cover
3. Whisky stones
4. White Musk for Men Shampoo and Eau de Toilette duo
5. HBC Olympic collection T-shirt
6. Robot headphone splitter
7. Undz underwear
8. NHL team logo branded bucket
9. Jimmyjane Afterglow Massage Candle
10. PC Bubble-Q
11. Lanyard level
12. Alphabet mug
13. His favourite movie or TV box set
14. A one-of-a-kind flask

...and then there are Valentine's Day crafts; truly great gifts from the heart for kids or your partner who's a kid at heart.

15. Homemade 'Ripples of Love' card
16. Easy to make Valentine's Day brooch
17. Sweet packages
18. Valentine quilling
19. Valentine's Day personalized gift wrap
20. Valentine's Day gift boxes
21. No-sew throw for your valentine
22. 5 quick Valentine's Day crafts
23. Valentine's Day placemats
24. Rose-filled wreath
25. Heart card holder

Lavish your lover with homemade gifts, from your kitchen this time. Valentine's Day recipes for two should do nicely.

26. Chocolate Truffles for Two
27. Chocolate Fondue for Two
28. Lemon Sponge Pudding for Two
29. Chocolate Souffle for Two
30. Chocolate Meringues with Ice Cream and Berries
31. Roman Pizza for Two
32. Classic Shrimp Cocktail for Two
33. Lobster Fettuccine for Two
34. Mussels in Tomato Sauce for Two
35. Pan-Steamed Fish Dinner for Two
36. Tilapia for Two
37. Grilled Lemon Herb Trout for Two
38. Peanut Chicken and Cauliflower Curry Stir-Fry for Two
39. Quick Chicken for Two
40. Pork with Spicy-Sweet Pepper Sauce for Two
41. Cheesesteak Sandwiches for Two
42. Beef Simmer for Two
43. Stroganoff Toss for Two
44. Lamb Grill for Two
45. Chai Tea for Two

Got kids in the kitchen? No problem. Make a family-friendly Valentine's Day meal with the following recipes.

46. Vegetables with Dill Pickle Dip 
47. Smoky Quesadillas
48. Chinese Sticky Chicken Wings
49. Pomegranate Punch
50. Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling

Is it bedtime already? That's right. No kids allowed as our list continues to adults-only fun.

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