8 sexiest movies of all time

Stoke the home fires with these scorching-hot films.

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It's date night and instead of going out, you've planned a romantic night in. The wine is in the cellar, the candles are at the ready, but which film should you chose to heat up the night? Here, CanadianLiving.com lines up the eight most sensual movies of all time -- these flicks are a surefire way to spice up the evening and get you in the mood for lovin'!

1. The Thomas Crown Affair
Year: 1999
Who: Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo
Why it's sexy: What about this movie isn't sexy? From the beginning Russo's sex appeal lights the camera on fire, as do Brosnan's gorgeous looks and chiselled abs. The camera catches the ripe tension between the two main characters throughout the film until it unfolds at a formal ball where Rene, clad in a see-through black dress, surprises Pierce, rips him away from his dance partner and seduces him with the sexiest dance scene ever caught on tape.

2. An Officer and a Gentleman
Year: 1982
Who: Richard Gere and Deborah Winger
Why it's sexy: There's nothing sexier than a man in uniform, so when Gere dons the illustrious naval uniform to play officer candidate Zack Mayo, he gets women swooning from the first shot. The best thing about this movie is that although there are many sensual scenes (the first love scene is superhot), the most sexy is when Richard Gere surprises Deborah Winger at her job in full uniform and sweeps her off her feet. It's just as exciting -- well, to the women, at least -- as the lovemaking scenes.

3. Out Of Sight
Year: 1998
Who: George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez
Why it's sexy: From the first meeting of Lopez's and Clooney's characters, the sparks fly and the sexual tension becomes so thick it's almost unbearable. The hottest love scene in this movie happens when both of the characters are locked, and fully clothed, in the trunk of a car during a botched prison escape. The heat between Lopez and Clooney skyrockets to such a high in this scene that even Premiere magazine voted it as the "Most erotic moment without sex."

4. The Graduate
Year: 1967
Who: Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft
Why it's sexy: The scene where Mrs. Robinson finally seduces Dustin Hoffman's character, Benjamin Braddock -- also known as the Crooked Leg scene -- is one of the sexiest moments on film. However, the sex appeal continues throughout and hits a red-hot level when Benjamin leaves the college dorm room of his love interest, played by the demure Katherine Ross, and plants her with a passionate kiss that pulses through the screen.

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