8 sexiest movies of all time

Stoke the home fires with these scorching-hot films.

Sexy movies 5-8

5. To Catch a Thief
Year: 1955
Who: Cary Grant and Grace Kelly
Why it's sexy: It's hard to believe that an Alfred Hitchcock movie would make it on a Sexiest Movie list, but this steamy thriller about a jewel thief (Grant) trying to catch a copycat thief is as titillating as it is smart. When Grant's character finally meets oil heiress Frances Stevens (Kelly), she seduces the enigmatic Grant, firing up the heat so high that when they eventually share a sexy scene on a couch, their fireworks are red hot.

6. Roman Holiday
Year: 1953
Who: Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn
Why it's sexy: If a PG romantic tale is more your route to a spark-flying evening, then Roman Holiday is the movie for you. When the handsome American reporter played by Peck meets Hepburn's character, a beautiful princess who has run away from her embassy to escape the strenuous duties of her royal role, the sparks fly immediately. The two take a romantic tour of Rome together, cruising the town on a Vespa, and slowly begin to fall in love with each other. The chemistry between Peck and Hepburn (who won on Oscar for this role) is hot, yet the movie is chaste enough for the kids to watch, too.

7. The Notebook
Year: 2004
Who: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams
Why it's sexy: There are so many things about this movie that are sexy, like Rachel McAdams's character painting naked in her art studio. Yet the most romantic is when the two main characters come together after seven years apart and engage in a passionate kiss in the middle of a rainstorm, leading to a sensual love scene that's a must-see.

8. Pride and Prejudice
Year: 2005
Who: Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen
Why it's sexy: If the gorgeous cinematography of this film doesn't set off sparks, then the sexual tension between Knightley's fun and intelligent Elizabeth Bennett and Macfadyen's brooding and intense Mr. Darcy will. This version of the great Jane Austen novel also satisfies the appetite by including incredible camera shots of the tiniest looks and gestures that shout out the full desire the characters have for each other. Plus, check out the romantic, sweeping kiss that has yet to appear in any other screen adaptation of the novel.

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