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  • Results from the 5th Canadian Living Sex Survey

    Technology has revolutionized the way we approach life in the 21st century. It's has affected everything from how we communicate with one another to how we look for compatible partners. From thoughts on pornography to stats about online dating, here are the results from our 2015 Canadian Living Sex Survey. Note: If you click on the infographic below, it will open as a pop up, for easier reading.

  • 5 ways to reignite your sex life

    After years of living together is your sex life a little lackluster? Getting that spark back can be great for your relationship; here's how!

  • Results from the 4th Canadian Living Sex Survey

    Which province has the best pick up lines? Who's doing it in the shower? From your sexting habits to your risque business, here are the results from our 4th annual Sex Survey. Note: If you click on the infographic below, it will open as a pop up, for easier reading.

  • My husband, the sex addict

    When our writer discovered email confirming her husband had a dating site profile, she entered the world of sex addiction. Here's her journey from there.

  • Q&A: How do I overcome a sexual addiction?

    Is sex all you think about? Sexual addiction may not be talked about as commonly as other addictions, but can be just as damaging in your life and relationships. Karinna Kittles-Karsten, relationships expert and love educator, offers steps on how to overcome this addiction.

  • Fertility myths: Dispelling misconceptions

    Don't let these fertility myths keep you from your family planning.

  • 6 ways to protect male fertility

    Men aren't immune from experiencing infertility. Here are six tips for maximizing his fertility.

  • The 2013 Canadian Living Sex Survey: The results are in!

    The results from our 2013 Canadian Living Sex Survey are in, and the numbers may shock you. Click on our infographic below to find out all the sizzling Canadian Loving details.

  • How to boost your sex drive

    Is your libido in need of a lift? Find out how you can keep it hot in the bedroom -- even when you're not really feeling it

  • Q&A: How to spice up your sex life

    Is your sex life just OK? Do you have any issues in the bedroom? Do you feel that things could be better between you and your partner? Here are a few ideas and some good advice from relationships expert and love educator Karinna Kittles-Karsten.

  • 4 ways to boost your sexual confidence

    Want to give your sexual confidence a boost? Check out our expert advice on how to feel better about sharing your body with a new partner.

  • How to improve your sex life

    Want to give your sex life a boost? Our expert offers some insight into how to break free from routine and strengthen your sexual connection.

  • The side-effects of abstinence

    At one time or another every relationship goes through a dry spell. Putting a stop to sex may seem conterintuitive, but find out how a short stint of sexual abstinence may be just what you need to put the spice back into your sex life.