Discover 34 ways to heat up your sex life

Could things in your bedroom use a little spicing up? Learn 34 hot expert tips that can improve passion between the sheets.

34 ways to heat up your sex life
You're running from pillar to post everyday -- rushing between a jam-packed work day, hitting the gym, shopping for groceries and taking the dog for a walk. And you're not alone. With many Canadian women balancing work and family responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to enjoy life's little pleasures -- like a steamy soak in the tub -- let alone co-ordinate intimacy with a partner who's just as busy.

If this sounds a little familiar, you may need a moment to re-examine your sex life. Though the above tasks are important, fitting in some romantic time alone with your honey is imperative for maintaining a healthy relationship, as well as being good for your body and mind.

Below, experts dish their best and most helpful tips on how to make room in your life for a little extra lovin'.

10 tips for bedroom bliss
Learn how a little communication can take your sex life from OK to extraordinary.

While always having an extraordinary love life may be a reality only in the movies – especially with daily distractions such as kids and cash flow – it is possible to make things better than average, more of the time. The average Canadian couple makes love three to four times a month. Why not do your bit to bump up the national average and have some fun doing it? Click on the title for great tips on spicing things up in the bedroom.

The top 10 ways to vamp up your sex life
Does your sex life need a little pick me up? Sexologist Dr. Trina Read dishes on how to have hot sex.

Hands up: who's not interested in better sex? That's what we thought. Dr. Trina Read, Canadian sexologist and author of till SEX do us part: make your MARRIED SEX irresistible, knows how to grab and keep our interest.

Dr. Read shares with us her secrets about rekindling fabulous, sensuous contact with our significant other. Here are her top 10 tips.

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