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    Couples looking to get hitched during WorldPride 2014 in Toronto are invited to participate in a free, mass wedding ceremony at the Toronto Botanical Garden.

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    Planning your wedding doesn't have to be a financial challenge. With a few simple steps and proper budgeting, you can enjoy your special day without the guilt of over-spending.

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    Panicking about finding that perfect gift to thank your bridesmaids and groomsmen for participating in your big day? Fear not – we have excellent tips and advice to help you start shopping!

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    Show your wedding party how much you love them with these 10 unique gifts.

  • 8 tips for writing your own wedding vows

    Writing your own vows can add a personalized and unique spin to your wedding. Here are eight ways to make the process easier, fun and most importantly, true to you and your spouse-to-be.

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    From compiling the ultimate playlist to organizing every detail of your special day, we've researched the top wedding apps for effortless planning.

  • 7 wedding nightmares and how to handle them

    Weddings are meant to be a beautiful celebration of love. However, they can also be the source of stress if couples aren't careful. Our etiquette expert discusses different ways to tackle some of the toughest wedding nightmares with style and grace.

  • 10 unique wedding traditions from around the world

    A wedding is a chance for a couple to celebrate their love with family and friends, and to show off their own traditions. Different cultures and religions all have unique ways of celebrating this special day. Here are the most interesting wedding traditions we found from around the world.

  • Advice for guests: Preparing for a destination wedding

    You’ve been invited to a tropical oasis destination wedding to celebrate a loved one’s special day, but you’re concerned about the costs – and rightfully so. One wedding specialist offers helpful tips and suggestions to make your journey into the sunset fun, yet budget-friendly.

  • Advice for guests: How to survive wedding season on a budget

    While weddings can get pricey for the bride and groom, they can also pose a financial burden for guests as well. We spoke to a wedding specialist who offered helpful tips on how to survive wedding season as a guest without breaking the bank.   

  • 6 dos and don'ts for hosting a Jack and Jill party

    Raise money for your wedding while hosting a memorable event with these six expert tips for throwing a Jack and Jill.

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    Looking for your dream dress, but want to avoid breaking the bank? Our experts give us their best budgeting advice for buying one of the most important dresses you'll ever wear.