How to choose a wedding photographer

Find the perfect wedding photographer to shoot your special day with these 6 tips.

How to hire a wedding photographer: Tips 1-3
Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you'll make when planning your wedding. A good fit will result in images you'll cherish forever – and probably decorate with throughout your home. But if your wedding photos don't turn out well, you will be one unhappy newly wed couple!

We spoke with Toronto-based wedding photographer Claudia Hung to get her tips on selecting the right photographer for your wedding. One of Canada's leading bridal magazines recently ranked Hung among Canada's top 25 wedding photographers.

Hung was married last year, so she has experienced both sides of the hiring-a-wedding-photographer process firsthand. Here's what she had to say about how to do it right.

6 tips for choosing your wedding photographer
1. Create a candidate shortlist after browsing online portfolios. Just like fashion or nature photographers, or any other photojournalist or artist, each wedding photographer has their own distinct style. No matter how well regarded they are, if a photographer's style isn't your cup of tea, the photos won't be either.

2. Meet candidates whose portfolios wowed you.
It's important to set a meeting to make sure you click. Don't waste your time if you don't love their work.

"Make sure you have great chemistry with your photographer. Your photographer is going to be everywhere you are from the morning of your wedding day until the end of the night, so make sure you enjoy being around each other," advises Hung.

"If there's any awkwardness or uneasiness, there's no way your photographer will be able to produce the images you've seen in their portfolio for you," says adds.

You'll be seeing your photographer after the wedding too, so be sure you enjoy working together, and that they're easy to get in touch with.

3. Dig deeper. "When viewing a photographer's portfolio, ask to see a full and complete wedding set. A portfolio is a highly selective body of work consisting of ‘the best of the best.' By seeing a full wedding day, you should get a better idea of how the photographer's style translates into each part of the day: the morning, ceremony, portraits, and reception," explains Hung.

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