Where to renew your vows: 4 romantic places to rewed

Say "I do" again and renew your vows with one of these special settings as your backdrop. From your garden to a beach-side ceremony, find your romantic inspiration here.

The best places to renew your wedding vows
Renewing your wedding vows is a beautiful way to honour your commitment to each other as a married couple, whether you've been together for one, 10 or 50 years. Even commitment-challenged celebrities are getting in on the trend: Model and actress Heidi Klum and her husband, singer-songwriter Seal, retie the knot every year on their wedding anniversary.

Why wedding vow renewal is special
"Since it's not legally binding, you can renew your vows on any year or in any setting," says certified wedding planner Michele Ann Rowe. "But the 25th anniversary is the most popular year couples choose to do so," says Rowe.

Perhaps you want to renew your vows to celebrate making it through a rough patch in your marriage, or you simply want to be reminded of the promise you made to each other. Whatever the reason, we asked Rowe to share some of her favourite venues for tying the knot all over again.

1. The place you met
Was there a particular restaurant, coffee shop or movie theatre where the two of you first met? "If a specific location is sentimental, it can be a wonderful spot to say ‘I do' a second time," says Rowe.

If it's a restaurant, perhaps you can make arrangements for them to serve the same meal that you shared the first time you met. Or if it's a small theatre, maybe they can cue up your wedding video for a private screening before you renew your vows.

Get creative. The best part about a recommitment ceremony is that there's no traditional rules or protocol to get in the way of your wedding anniversary celebration – you can make it whatever you want.

2. Your backyard or garden

There is nothing more meaningful than renewing your wedding vows in your own backyard.

"Many people choose to mark the milestone of years together right in the spot that they have spent them," says Rowe. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or just your own small spot of paradise, this can be an inviting setting.

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