3 pretty and simple updo hairstyles

A gorgeous updo doesn't have to be difficult to create. Master a low knot, faux bob or curled ponytail with these hairstyle tips.

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The updo

The updo: Is any other hair look more notoriously difficult to master? Without a third arm or the flexibility of a first-rate yogi, it seems almost impossible to achieve the same beautiful ponies, buns and curls we’ve been seeing on our favourite celebrities this year.

Worry not. Eric Del Monaco, Official Hair Artist and Colourist for L’Oréal Paris Canada, has us covered. “Women today are so busy and on-the-go that most of the time, our go-to look is more casual and relaxed,” Eric told us. “But an updo can be the perfect accessory to any look.”

With these tips, you’ll be rocking the at-home updo in the same time it takes to book an appointment at the salon.

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