10 tips for healthy nails

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10 tips for healthy nails

Q: What can I do to make my peeling, layering nails stronger?

A: The summer months bring all kinds of wear and tear on nails - from gardening to swimming to hanging out at the beach. Patricia Miles, national marketing director for Del Laboratories Canada, which distributes Sally Hansen, gives tips for a perfect 10.

1. File nails in one direction only; sawing back and forth causes nails to weaken and split.

2. Use very fine-textured emery boards.

3. Avoid long manicure soaks in soapy or detergent-filled water. Try Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil by Sally Hansen in the water and soak three minutes max.

4. Bare nails are unprotected nails -- use at least a coat of clear polish or a base coat.

5. Frosted nail polishes are more drying than nonfrosted. Using fast-drying polishes can lead to dry nails, too -- the tendency is to remove and reapply these frequently, upping the use of remover.

6. Choose a non-acetone nail polish remover that contains moisturizers.

7. Avoid using nails as tools. Whenever possible, use the pads of your fingers or a proper tool.

8. Wear rubber gloves for chores.

9. Apply hand lotions frequently.

10. For splitting, peeling or layering nails, try No More Peeling by Sally Hansen, a nail-bonding shield with moisturizing liposomes that seals the free edge (nail tip). Wear alone or as a base coat under polish.


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10 tips for healthy nails