A guide to facials

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A guide to facials

Most daily skin-care routines go something like this: cleanse, tone, moisturize, repeat. But what does a long-term regimen look like? Beyond the realm of at-home treatments—weekly masks, exfoliating scrubs, anti-aging creams—the skin requires regular preventive care to keep wrinkles, sun spots and flare-ups at bay. This is where a facial is key; the noninvasive procedure can fill the gap between your daily care and long-term maintenance.

Régine Berthelot, lead esthetician for Caudalie, says regular professional facials can improve the elimination of toxins and water retention, and they use special massage techniques that help improve blood circulation, as well as boost collagen and elastin fibres. The bottom line? If you prefer to stay away from invasive procedures such as fillers and lasers, regular facials are a great way to combat the signs of aging.

Finding the right facial for you is as simple as understanding what it is your skin needs. Here are some options to explore on your next visit to the spa.

Maintenance facials
The classic facial, also referred to as the maintenance facial, is intended to cleanse and refresh your skin through pore extraction, deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization, and it’s usually adjusted to your skin type. Julie Clark, owner of Province Apothecary, recommends booking a maintenance facial every four to six weeks. If that’s a bit too often for you, book one as the seasons change (four times a year). Most spa prices for this treatment are between $80 and $120.

Anti-aging facials
Facials for anti-aging can range from a lift facial, which plumps and tightens skin through micro-currents, to microdermabrasion, a process that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells in order to renew the skin’s surface and encourage the production of collagen. These treatments—which are often priced higher than standard facials ($140 and up)—are intended for more mature skin or a complexion that has been damaged by acne or shows discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines. “By using draining techniques to improve the elimination of toxins, and special massage techniques to improve circulation, anti-aging facials help to deliver skin-care products deep into the skin, resulting in a plumper and firmer visage,” says Berthelot.

Oxygen facials
The oxygen facial is a technique that’s been developed for sensitive or irritated skin. Pure oxygen is infused into the pores to treat deep-rooted cellular concerns like deep wrinkles or dehydrated skin. Pricing starts at $150, and the outcome is a smoother, more even skin tone. This treatment is optimal for healing acne scars, treating eczema or hydrating the skin to make it appear plumper.

Brightening facials
Try a brightening facial to restore the skin’s natural glow. Brightening facials use vitamin C and antioxidant masks to reinvigorate the skin, restore luminosity and address discoloration from sun spots. They tend to be in the same price range as oxygen facials.

Facials for relaxation
If you’re looking for the benefits of a classic facial but with a more relaxing personal experience, try an aromatherapy facial. This facial uses a holistic approach to tend to your skin by harnessing the power of essential oils to open the pores for extraction, increase circulation and reduce inflammation in the skin. “The relaxing properties of essential oils bring a truly peaceful and restorative aspect to our treatments,” says Clark. “The oils we use help you let go of stress and tension.” Aromatherapy facials are priced similarly to other basic facials, typically starting at $90.

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A guide to facials