Combat dull skin and tired eyes with these skin-care tips

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Combat dull skin and tired eyes with these skin-care tips

We spoke to sensitive-skin expert and Pai Skincare founder Sarah Brown for tips on how to combat dull, tired skin.

Feeling tired is one thing—but looking it? No thanks. Much as we’d like to admit that we start every day feeling well rested and ready for anything, it’s often far from the truth. And it’s made even worse when we think that our faces are letting everyone know just how tired we are. Pai Skincare founder and sensitive-skin expert Sarah Brown shares her tips for making sure you look your best—even if you’re not always feeling it.

Improve your skin tone
“I think skin tone is the most obvious giveaway of a late night,” says Brown. She recommends using a gentle exfoliator to help slough off dead skin cells, which helps brighten and revitalize skin, getting rid of any dullness.

Soothe puffy eyes
“My fail-safe trick, honed after many sleepless nights with screaming babies, is to pop two chilled chamomile tea bags onto my eyes for five minutes,” says Brown. “Not only will the cold temperature feel instantly soothing but the natural anti-inflammatories in the chamomile flower will also reduce puffiness.”

Get a good night’s sleep
When it comes to combating tired-looking skin, there is one thing that works best: getting enough sleep. “Our skin-cell repair and regeneration rate almost doubles at night, meaning that, as we sleep, our cells are working to rebuild and heal themselves,” says Brown. “When you don’t sleep well, this function is impaired, leading to dull, dehydrated and generally stressed skin.”

So how to make sure you get a good night’s sleep? Find your stress-busting routine and make it a must in the evening, whether it’s doing yoga, enjoying a glass of wine or listening to music. Find out what it is that prepares you best for bed, and do it as often as possible.


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Combat dull skin and tired eyes with these skin-care tips