Five minutes with singer-songwriter Shakira

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Five minutes with singer-songwriter Shakira

While the Colombian-born singer first grabbed our attention with a shake of her now-famous hips, Shakira, 37, has proven she's more than just a dancer with great abs. We caught up with the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Bar­ce­lona, Spain, where she lives part time with her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué, and their one-year-old son, Milan, to talk about style, beauty and that stellar smile.

Kate Daley: How would you describe your personal style?

Shakira: "Let's face it, I love being in my old pair of jeans. I tried a dress on today, and my son was looking at me like, ‘What is she wearing?' I love Alaïa; he's one of my favourite designers, and he's a good friend. I also love Helmut Lang and Versace. My go-to articles of clothing would be my Helmut Lang T-shirts."

KD: How do you define beauty?

S: "We are too pre­occupied with finding the right accessories, dresses, products and makeup. They do help, but what's really vital for us to transmit our inner beauty is to work on our confidence and trust ourselves. There is nothing sexier than loving yourself and not trying too hard. When you are yourself and you show that self-respect, people tend to do the same with you."

KD: What's your best beauty advice?

S: "Wear sunscreen. A tan makes you look like you're on vacation, but it lasts the week and then you have to deal with the damage. And not too much makeup! In pictures from 10 years ago, I look older than I am now because I was wearing way too much makeup. Now I do my own hair and makeup. Also, vitamin C does wonders. Before I put my makeup on, I always put on some vitamin C."

KD: What's your beauty secret?

S: "There's no better makeup than a smile. Seeing my son smile, seeing Gerard smile, watching Barcelona win a game, performing onstage and seeing the audience sing along to my tunes—that makes me smile big time."

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This story was originally titled "Five Minutes With Shakira, Singer-Songwriter" in the September 2014 issue.
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Five minutes with singer-songwriter Shakira