Get the hottest runway makeup looks

By: Jessica Ungerman

Author: Canadian Living


Get the hottest runway makeup looks

By: Jessica Ungerman
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Trend 1: Thick brows

On the runway: Overemphasized brows were created with brown eyebrow powder and pencil liners.

How to make it wearable:
Groom your brows to get the perfect shape.

How to:
• Use eyebrow stencils to draw the shape on with an eyeliner pencil before you start tweezing.
• Fill in holes in brows with eyebrow powder and a slanted brush, and/or an eyebrow pencil, in the 
right shade.
• To maintain a full shape and arch, limit tweezer action to strays only.
• Tame unruly or curly brows by trimming them and then brushing in a brow gel.

Trend 2: Raccoon eyes

On the runway: Heavy black eyeliner both below and above the lash line, with opaque liquid eye shadow on the lids.

How to make it wearable: Lighten up on the black and go for a smoky look that mixes grey, silver and black.

How to:
• Start with liquid or pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye.
• Smudge a bit of pencil liner or eye shadow just below the lower lash line.
• Apply a lighter, base eye shadow in grey or silver over the lids to your brow bone.
• Blend in a darker grey or silver eye shadow below the eyelid crease, and use a slanted eye shadow brush to blend in colour, starting at your lash line and blending up. Make sure to blend colour into the lash line so the eye liner disappears.
• Finish with several coats of mascara.

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Trend 3: Purple and blue eyeliner
On the runway:
Electric blue and deep purple applied heavily on eyelids for an over-the-top effect.

How to make it wearable:
Tone down the dosage and the heavy application, but stick with rich, saturated shades of purple or blue.

How to:
• Start by applying the eye shadow over lids.
• With a lighter hand and less product on your brush, apply a finer coating of colour from the upper lid to the brow bone and in a straight line below the eyes.
• Finish with two coats of coloured mascara.

Trend 4: Au naturale
On the runway: Totally bare faces, cheeks, eyes and lips.

How to make it wearable:
Most of us need a little colour on our cheeks and lips so we don't look dreary.

How to:
Prep your skin with a primer over the face and eye area.
• Apply a liquid or cream compact foundation evenly over the entire face and neck.
• Opt for light brown or taupe eye shadow shades.
• Give cheeks a rosy tint with a light dusting of blush.
• Use a matte nude lipstick with a hint of colour on lips.

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Get the hottest runway makeup looks