How to find the skin cream that's just right for you

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How to find the skin cream that's just right for you

Have you been searching for the perfect skin cream, but to no avail? Are you "happy enough" with your current cream, but wonder if there isn't something better out there? Are you buying the most expensive cream you can afford, but wondering if there may be a less expensive alternative that could provide the same results?

Here's a fun way to test skin creams with your friends, while ensuring you get the best skin cream without being influenced by fancy packaging, high prices or an allegiance to a favourite brand.

The blind face-cream test
1. Get a group of girlfriends together and pool your money to buy six different skin creams. Be sure to pick creams from different brands, at different price points, and make a point of picking up at least one cream you'd never think to try.

2. You and each of your friends will need six small, clean empty resealable jars or containers (jam jars or food storage containers work well).

3. You'll need a helper to set up the blind test, so recruit a willing spouse, son or daughter. Ask your helper to put a sample of each skin cream into everyone's containers. Your helper will need to label each container and make a note of which product is in which container.

For example, say your choices include an Olay cream and a L'Oreal cream (among others). Your helper will put a sample of the Olay cream in one container for you and one for each of your friends. He will label all the containers containing the Olay cream as "Product A". While you and your friends won't know what Product A really is, your helper will keep a secret list that indicates that Product A is Olay.

Then your helper will put a sample of the L'Oreal cream in one container for you and one for each of your friends, labelling each container as "Product B." Your helper will note on his secret list that Product B is L'Oreal.

He'll then label and note the rest of the creams the same way. At the end, you will have a sample of six different skin creams to try and so will each of your friends. Because you won't know which product is in which container, you won't be influenced by luxe labels or brand allegiances – you'll be free to focus on how well the product actually works for you.

4. You and your friends will try each skin cream for six weeks at a time and track the effects using this downloadable spreadsheet.

5. You can compare notes as you go along: See which creams are beginning to stand out as favourites, and which ones are just ho-hum.

6. Once you've tested all the samples, you can determine which cream was a winner by referring to your notes on your spreadsheet Find individual favourites and see if there's a consensus on a group fave.

7. Have your helper reveal the name of the product you've chosen as your favourite. You could be surprised at the results, and you'll know you've found the skin cream that's right for you.

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How to find the skin cream that's just right for you