How to get the best hairdo for your dollar

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How to get the best hairdo for your dollar

For many of us, finding the secret to having great hair seems like a lifelong mission -- but it shouldn't be. The key is realizing that having great hair is more than finding a talented hair stylist; it's knowing how to maximize your relationship with him or her. We consulted experts Kelly Bell and Paul Kommes from our Canadian Living Magazine makeovers for DOs and DON'Ts on working effectively with your hair stylist to get your best look.

1. DO show your stylist a photo of the style you want if you're considering a new look. "Photos or pictures from magazines definitely help to avoid misinterpretation," says Kelly Bell, a manager at Delineation Skin & Hair Essentials in Toronto. "In fact, take an array of photos so you and your stylist can discuss what you like best about them all, and come up with a solution that best suits your hair type and face." Paul Kommes, owner of Fiorio Bayview in Toronto, also suggests taking in a few pictures of what you don't like so the stylist gets a more complete idea of what direction to take -- or not.

2. DO go to the salon with your hair in its natural state whenever possible. "Your stylist needs to see exactly the texture and type of hair he or she is dealing with in order to give you the cut best suited to you," says Kommes. "If you've had to style your hair the day of your appointment with a new stylist, let him or her know whether your hair is naturally straight, curly, coarse, fine, et cetera, and if it's been coloured, how long ago."

3. DO have your stylist make suggestions on what he or she sees for you and your hair. "If you absolutely trust your stylist to 'do whatever,' that's great," says Bell. "Still, it's better to discuss a new cut first. Your stylist can help you to determine whether it's appropriate for your hair, your face and your lifestyle."

4. DON'T expect a carbon copy of the haircut in the photographs. "Your stylist's job is to tailor the cut specifically for your hair texture and growth patterns," says Kommes. "A good stylist will give you a cut with a similar look and the same feeling as the image you like, while making sure it works with your hair and highlights your best features."

5. DO keep track of what you get done at each visit and keep a record of your favourite hair cuts/styles, hair colour and hair products, even if your salon keeps its own client files. That way if you particularly like something you've had done, you have an easy way to reference it in order to have your stylist do it again.

6. DO let your stylist know if you aren't completely happy with your new look. "Explain why you're not satisfied and give him or her a chance to correct it," says Bell. "You should not be charged for whatever modifications might be necessary."

7. DON'T expect miracles immediately after a bad experience at another salon. "Your new stylist should be honest with you about what has to be done in order to rectify an unfortunate cut or colour job," says Kommes. "Fixing a mistake, particularly if it involves a bad cut, can take a few visits; be prepared to work together toward a solution."

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Hair by John Donato/Donato Salon and Spa
Makeup by Kevin Smith/Judy Inc.

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How to get the best hairdo for your dollar