Testing: Eye-makeup removers

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Testing: Eye-makeup removers

After a long day at work, many of us will admit that at some point, we've forgotten to properly remove our eye makeup. The tiredness sets in and the next thing you know, the alarm has gone off and you find your eyes caked with makeup from the day before. It happens to the best of us and although there are many products on the market, some are better than others. These are six that work wonders.

Anna Sui Makeup Remover, 113 mL, $20
Not only does this ultra-gentle eye-makeup remover have appealing packaging, the solution removes makeup with ease. The heart-shaped bottle has a rose-shaped lid and a small applicator, perfect for both quick touchups and removing heavy eye makeup. A small amount of cream lifts away makeup and impurities and leaves your eyes feeling wonderfully fresh and soft.
Availability: Clarins Canada 1-800-361-5582
Bonus: Sensitive on eyes and skin

Tony & Tina Herbal Makeup Remover with Wild Pansy, 95 mL, $22
Tony & Tina have created a cream formula that not only smells delicious, but also leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. One squirt dispenses just the right amount for one eye and a single light swipe removes all makeup residue, including waterproof products. This multipurpose product can actually be used on other areas of the face, including lips and cheeks, and is also great for softening cuticles and nourishing nail beds.
Availability: select Sears locations and Sephora stores across Canada and online
Bonus: Lovely rosewater scent

Sephora Makeup Remover Towels, 25 towels, $15
Sephora's towels are the easiest eye-makeup remover product in this testing group. The metallic plastic package and easy-to-open resealable sticker make this product excellent for travelling. The towel removes all traces of eye makeup, including glitter and sparkles, and is super-quick. Tip: For conservation of the 25 towels, cut them in half and you'll instantly have 50 uses.
Availability: Sephora stores across Canada and online
Bonus: Easy, easy, easy

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Lancôme BI-FACIL, 125 mL, $31
If you're prepared to invest a little extra cash in a remover, check out this dual-phase liquid eye cleanser from Lancôme. Perfect for sensitive eyes, BI-FACIL also doesn't irritate contact lenses. The oil component takes off the makeup without leaving an oily residue, while the water refreshes and conditions the skin. It requires a gentle shake before use to mix the two components. Its childproof lid ensures that not a drop is wasted.
Availability: Department stores across Canada. Find a Lancôme retailer near you
Bonus: Perfect if you wear contact lenses

The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Make-up Remover, 200 mL, $16
This eye-makeup remover is a product of fair trade. The liquid formula includes organic chamomile water that comes from small-scale rural farmers for a fair price, resulting in the revitalization of their local economy and sense of community. The soothing chamomile leaves eyes and lashes feeling cool and soft. Tip: Use a small amount. A completely saturated cotton ball will leave streaks.
Availability: The Body Shop stores across Canada. Find a store near you
Bonus: Very affordable

M.A.C Pro Eye Makeup Remover, 150 mL, $18
M.A.C's eye-makeup remover is a clear, unscented liquid that works similar to soap: it creates a soft lather and then you follow up with a clean cotton ball. Though a little labour-intensive, it removes paints, eye shadows, liquid liners and mascaras (waterproof or regular). Makeup can be applied immediately after use, so it's useful when you have removed one look to be replaced by another.
Availability: M.A.C stores across Canada. Find a store near you
Bonus: Small pointed applicator is perfect for Q-tip fix-ups

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Testing: Eye-makeup removers