The best products for perfect eyebrows

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The best products for perfect eyebrows

This spring, the beauty forecast calls for natural and bushy yet groomed eyebrows. If your brows are sparse, unruly or just not picture-perfect, here's an index of tools to get them in shape on any budget.

One-kit wonders
Compacts complete with tiny but effective tools.
NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Kit: a definite steal, with brow powder, grooming wax, brow brush and mini tweezers all for $4.95
Lancôme Brow Expert Design Kit: powder, tinted pomade, tweezers and two blending tools, $50.50
DuWop Browwow: powder, gloss (for control), double-sided brush and highlighter for the brow bone, $39
Chanel Le Sourcil de Chanel Perfect Brows: three blendable powders, two brushes and tweezers, $68

Pencil pushers
Brow definers with brushes for blending to a natural finish.
Almay Brow Defining Pencil, $8.95
Annabelle Eyebrow Pencil, $5.75
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil, $5.99
Marcelle Accent Eyebrow Crayon, $8.50
Prescriptives BrowShaping Pencil, $20
Shiseido The Makeup Eyebrow Pencil, $17
Guerlain Divinora Eyebrow Pencil, $25

Control issues
Stuff to put and keep unruly brows in their place.
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow: a 2-in-1 clear gel that works on eyebrows and eyelashes, $6.99
CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash in Clear: a double whammy for lashes and brows, with a curved brush, $6.99
Revlon Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel: a pencil on one end and a tinted gel on the other to colour, shape and set brows, $9.95
M.A.C Brow Set: for the more daring, a tinted gel in bold bronze "Show-off," $15.50
YSL Eyebrow Enhancer Duo: a tinted gel on one end and setting gel on the other, $35
Smashbox Brow Tech: a split pan featuring tinted powder and colourless wax. Apply with a stiff brow brush (such as Smashbox #12 brush, $28) to tidy and control brows, $30

Taming tools
Grooming, trimming and tweezing implements to sculpt and set.
Life Brand Mini Tweezers: perfect for tiny purses, $3.97
Sally Hansen La Cross Premier Point Tip Tweezers: great for gripping and tweezing fine hairs, $16.24
Sephora Touch-Up Razor: to finely shave unwanted hairs; the safety cap has a built-in brow brush and lash comb, $23
Sephora Scissors with Brow Attachment: the wee comblike attachment allows you to brush your brows as you trim, $27
Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Brush: made from boar hair, an angled brush that applies powder while naturally combing and grooming brows, $28
Lise Watier Double-Applicator Eyebrow Brush: two-sided brush and mascara wand to put brows in their place and apply powder, $14.50

On the go
Tools to keep brows beautiful wherever you are.
PurMinerals Brow Perfection: compact with wax and powder on top and a little brush and mirror underneath, $16.50
The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit: a mirrored compact with a two-sided brush and two shades of powder for a custom blend, $18
Clinique Brow Shaper: a single powder plus brush in a handy mirrored case, $19.50
Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo: two complementary shades of powder (one light, one dark), plus mirror, $33

Brow blazers
New and inventive ideas to beautify your brows.
Benefit High-Brow Brow Lighting Pencil: a matte pink pencil to apply directly beneath the arch of your brows for an instant lift, $24
Anastasia NúBrow Brow Enhancing Serum: a growth-stimulating serum for the sparsely browed, straight from Hollywood's reigning queen of celebrity eyebrows, $35
Stila Brow Polish: tinted gel-cream with an innovative brush that features longer bristles for definition on one side and shorter bristles for shaping on the other, $10

A final note
Regardless of budget, do undergo a professional brow shaping if you're uncertain about tweezing them yourself -- it's worth the investment. Visit a local salon, or ask your friend with the best brows for a recommendation.

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The best products for perfect eyebrows