Beauty testing: The best eye creams compared

Find out which cream passes our test.

Lancome, Resolution Eye
Lancome, Resolution Eye, $65.00

When it comes to cosmetics, choice is wonderful -- but it can also be overwhelming. When you're standing in the cosmetics section, whether at a large department store or at your local drugstore, it can be hard to decide which products to try. So we've decided to test drive some makeup bag essentials to help you make your decision. This week, we've tested eye creams and here are the results:

Lancome, Resolution Eye, $65.00
I really like this product. I love the scent and the ease of application. The texture is creamy but not greasy. It feels cool and soothing on the skin and really eases any tension or stress you feel around your eyes. As for the overall results, I found that this product reduces dullness in the skin around the eyes and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and healthy. And I must comment on the packaging -- it's lovely and makes a wonderful addition to your bathroom counter!
- Natalie Bahadur

This eye cream leaves your skin silky smooth. Its creamy texture is nice and it distributes easily with minimal pulling and tugging. It's not too greasy and is pleasantly scented. This product is beautifully packaged but it's surprising how little product is actually buried in the pretty blue container. It comes with a plastic applicator that you dip into the cream and dab onto your brow bone, under your eye and on the outer corner of your eye. I could do without the applicator as it slows down the process but overall, I like the results.
- Jennifer Melo

The eye cream's fresh scent and rich texture really made me feel like I was pampering the skin around my eyes. It left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It was a little greasier than the Estee Lauder product but my skin also felt more moisturized. I would definitely recommend this product to others.
-Sarah Hatten

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