Celebrity makeup and beauty secrets revealed

Find easy tips and professional tricks to achieving star-worthy makeup and hair at home.

How to get smoky eyes and glowing skin
Whether they're stepping out on a red carpet or being photographed on the street by the paparazzi, Hollywood's leading ladies always look polished and put-together. It seems like they never have a bad hair day, a breakout or makeup that melts. So what are their secrets?

The truth is, these A-listers have teams of devoted hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists who calculate their every beauty move to keep them looking on top of their game. (And that's not even counting the personal trainers, nutritionists and dermatologists they keep on speed dial.)

But there's good news for the rest of us: There are a few simple beauty cues you can steal from your favourite celebrities that will have you looking glam in a flash. Hair and makeup artist Sheri Stroh reveals the secrets to achieving these A-list signature looks at home.

1. Penélope Cruz's smoky eyes
Penélope Cruz is known for wearing dramatic smoky eye makeup on the red carpet. The look might seem intimidating, but she makes it look effortless by using a colour palette of neutral brown and gold eye shadows.

To mimic her look, Stroh suggests "smudging a deep brown eye shadow from your lash lines to the creases of your eyelids and then adding a black eyeliner along the inner rims of your eyes, to define and play up your eye shape." To complete the look, dot a bit of gold shadow in the inner corners of your eyes to add highlights, and finish with a few coats of black mascara.

2. Beyoncé Knowles's glowing skin
Glowing skin from head to toe is Beyoncé's signature beauty look. To get the same effect, Stroh suggests adding a pump of luminous highlighter, like Benefit's Watt's Up!, to your regular moisturizer. Mix the products together in your hands and then apply the combination all over your face. For the most natural look, "make sure you find a product that leaves a subtle sheen instead of heavy glitter," says Stroh.

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