How to get sexy eyelashes

Expert beauty tips for getting gorgeous eyes and sexy eyelashes. Plus, find 5 mascaras that will take your eyes from drab to fab.

Expert beauty tips: Sexy eyelashes
As any woman knows, sometimes just the smallest bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your appearance and making you feel sexier.

While you may not have the time to carefully apply a full face of makeup every day, taking a few minutes to wave your mascara wand can have a magical effect. A few simple strokes of mascara can make your eyes look wider and brighter, revealing a look that’s sultry and sexy.

So just how do you get those irresistibly lush lashes? We checked in with Julia McEwen, assistant fashion and beauty editor at Canadian Living magazine to learn the tricks of the trade.

Canadian Living: What’s the secret to getting thick, beautiful, bold lashes?
Julia McEwen:
I wish I knew, but just like every other woman, I'm always on a quest to make my lashes look their best. That said, there are plenty of mascara formulas on the market that contain moisturizing and conditioning ingredients that help lashes grow, stay healthy and shine.

But the new secret is Latisse. New to Canada, Latisse is a drug you get from your doctor. You apply one drop of the Latisse formula to a brush, then brush it on the base of your lashes. Within three months, your lashes are guaranteed to be thicker, longer and darker. It's amazing. I'm testing it right now. The downside? It's $150 a month.

CL: What tips can you provide to help women apply mascara properly?
First things first: use an eyelash curler.

Then pick a mascara that does what you want – either volumizing or lengthening.
Holding the wand horizontally, apply at the base of the lash line and wiggle your brush all the way to the lash ends. Keep coating your lashes until you have achieved the desired effect.

CL: Is black mascara good for everybody, regardless of skin tone, or do you have other recommendations?
I think it's a personal thing. I'm the perfect candidate for brown mascara because of my pale complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes. However, I wear black most of the time.
Coloured mascara is a big trend right now. Choosing a different colour like maroon, blue, grey or green can really intensify your eye colour.

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