How to look younger with 7 anti aging makeup tips

Follow our expert-approved makeup tips to help you look younger at any age.

Moisturize and prime your skin for a younger look
With just the stroke of a makeup brush, you can instantly turn back the clock. By knowing the essential makeup products and how to apply them, you can minimize the appearance of pores, smooth fine lines and make dull skin appear radiant.

We spoke with Lora Spiga, Lancôme Paris Canada's official makeup artist, to get her take on the most important makeup tips for looking young.

1. Start with well-moisturized skin
The first step to looking younger is ensuring your skin isn't parched. "Your foundation will go on smoother and more evenly when your skin is moisturized," says Spiga. "If your skin is hydrated properly, it won't absorb a lot of foundation either, which means you won't need to use as much."

Another reason to keep your skin hydrated? Wrinkles are more noticeable if your skin is dry. If you're over 30 and have normal skin, steer clear of moisturizers that are oil-free as they can accentuate fine lines. According to Spiga, anti-aging moisturizers and those for normal/combination skin are both good options.

2. Wear a makeup primer
A makeup primer acts like a veil over your skin. It blurs pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and gives your skin a more uniform complexion. "Apply primer after your moisturizer – it helps makeup last all day and gives the illusion of a more youthful complexion," says Spiga.

3. Use less foundation
"Wearing a mask of foundation will make you look older and draw attention to your flaws," says Spiga. It's best to choose a luminous foundation that you can build to get your desired coverage.

To get the right look, start by wetting the tip of your foundation applicator (whether it's a brush, sponge or your fingers) before applying foundation. This dilutes the foundation, creating a sheerer look.

Apply foundation only where it's needed – generally in the centre of your face where your skin tone is most uneven – and work outward toward the jawline. (A nickel-size amount of foundation is usually plenty for your whole face.)

Then use a concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your foundation on blemishes, under-eye circles and discoloured eyelids. "Starting with an even complexion means you need a lot less makeup afterward – and the less you use, the younger you'll look."

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