Photo gallery: How to get supersoft skin

Get great skin with these budget-friendly beauty products.

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How to get soft skin

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Slathering on moisturizer in the hopes of smooth skin will only take you so far – a sugar- or salt-based scrub is essential for sloughing off the existing dead skin.

Tip: Try rubbing in a circular motion, starting at the feet and moving toward the heart.

1. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub, 200 g, $16.
2. Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Scrub, 297 g, $15.50.
3. Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Scrub, 300 g, $40.
4. Yves Rocher Organic Vanilla Body Exfoliant, 200 mL, $18.
5. Juara Invigorating Coffee Scrub, 225 g, $48.
6. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub Ginger Body Smoother, 250 mL, $26.
7. Cake Beauty Sweet Cheeks Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub, 625 g, $32.
8. C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries Lemon and Pomegranate Body Scrub, 226 g, $17.

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