18 top fashionable movies

Get fashion inspiration from these movies with style.

The 18 most fashionable movies: 1-4
1. Bringing Up Baby (1938)
Setting: New York, 1930s
Synopsis: A bored society girl (Katharine Hepburn) ensnares a nerdy paleontologist (Cary Grant) and the two have a series of misadventures with her pet leopard, Baby.
Style: Masculine/Feminine
Watch for: The movie in which Katherine debuted her signature pants, never before seen on a woman in the movies. When the studio heads insisted she wear a skirt, she strolled around the set in her underwear until they gave her pants back.

2. Sabrina (1954)
Setting: Long Island, 1950s
Synopsis: After two years in Paris, Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn), the shy chauffeur's daughter, returns home as a sophisticated, stylish woman, and suddenly draws the attention of both Larrabee brothers (Humphrey Bogart and William Holden).
Style: Givenchy glam. This is the film that brought Hepburn and Givenchy together.
Watch for: The A-line gowns and the "décolleté Sabrina," a bare-shouldered black cocktail dress with a high neckline to hide Audrey’s collarbones. All the Givenchy dresses.

3. To Catch a Thief (1955)
Setting: French Riviera, 1950s
Synopsis: A former thief (Cary Grant) is suspected of a series of jewel thefts; to prove his innocence he tries to find the copycat with the help of an American heiress (Grace Kelly).
Style: Glistening extravagance
Watch for: The jewels! Grace Kelly in that white strapless dress with an over-the-top diamond necklace. Her ball gowns, shimmering gold, blue chiffon, etc.

4. And God Created Women (1956)
Setting: Saint Tropez, 1950s
Synopsis: A vampy sexpot (Brigitte Bardot) loves one brother, but marries another.
Style: Rampant female sensuality
Watch for: This is the movie that put Brigitte Bardot on the scene, and she became the instant symbol of the "sex kitten." That gingham bikini, the pouty lips, the ultimate "beach hair," and how the (near-naked) Bardot carries herself throughout the film.

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