7 fashion tips to help you look slimmer

Find advice on choosing clothes that make you look slimmer -- with only a few minor changes to your wardrobe.

How to dress to look slimmer
The secret to looking slimmer is hanging in your closet. The way you dress can make a significant difference when it comes to the silhouette you create. While dressing thinner doesn't rival diet or exercise, it can help you stand taller, look more poised and boost your confidence.

To learn more, we asked stylist Corey Ng of Page One Management for his tips on the easiest and most effective ways to dress slimmer.

1. Define your waist

If your midsection is the problem, Ng suggests defining it. "Resorting to oversize tops is never the answer. They give the illusion that you're bigger than you are," he says. If you want more variety than belted blouses or empire waists, look for structured button-up shirts and form-fitting dresses, the stylist advises. "It's not about following trends or hiding your flaws. It's about knowing what your flaws are and complementing them to create balance," he explains.

2. Avoid low waistlines
Wear higher-rise and straight-cut pants to prevent your hips from appearing wide, says Ng. "You should not be wearing jeans that hit your hips," he says. "Go for something that has a higher waist, because it won't create bulges and is more flattering on the butt." He also recommends avoiding skinny jeans so you don't draw attention to problem areas, such as thighs and hips. "With skinny jeans you'll see the contrast between the larger thigh and the skinnier part that is your ankle," he explains. "You want higher-rise jeans to keep everything in."

3. Add height
Heels create good posture and go a long way toward helping you appear slimmer. "When you wear heels, your posture and the shape of your legs change," Ng explains. "If you're wearing flats, you're not accentuating anything." If you're not used to height, begin with a small wedge or chunky heel to elevate yourself slowly. Work your way up to higher heels that you can wear with knee-length skirts and dresses to further define your legs, the stylist advises.

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