Academy Awards predictions from our editors

Canadian Living editors and resident movie buffs Doug O'Neill and Donna Paris have made their picks for the 84th Academy Awards. Check out who they'll be rooting for and what they'll be munching on come Oscar time.

Who will win best picture?
Not since Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert have two movie buffs agreed to disagree. Until now. Canadian Living's executive editor, Doug O'Neill, and life editor, Donna Paris, share their best bets and predictions for the 84th Academy Awards.

Best Picture

Doug O'Neill: It's the category everyone talks about. I'm banking on The Help (and lead actress Viola Davis is my pick for best actress). A close second on my list is War Horse. If the Spielberg machine kicks in big time in the lead-up to the Oscars then of course I'll place my 11th hour bets on the horse.

But in terms of emotional wallop and dealing with a real issue, The Help has it, hands down. That polite form of racism that fuelled this beautifully written script was rife not too long ago and, sadly, still percolates through much of the southern United States.

The Artist is, well, too arty. Those flicks never win. And Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close -- I doubt it will get anything near incredibly close.

Donna Paris: Ha ha! It's the only category anybody really cares about -- that's why they wait till the end to announce it. If they announced it at the start, no one would bother watching the rest of the show.

Anyway, you're wrong about the winner. It's got to be Hugo, which has 11 nominations. I hope it wins in every category. I think it was marketed incorrectly as a kids' flick. It's not. It's Martin Scorsese's chef d'oeuvre -- a brilliant celebration of cinema which reaches back to Hollywood's earliest days and showcases the technological high that movies can achieve now in 3-D. It's magical. Especially the scene where it's snowing.

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